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Copy of Biomechanics of Shot-Put

No description

Rebecca Gibbs

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Biomechanics of Shot-Put

To gain optimum performance
Senior Physical education
An important Sports Science field
The use of biomechanic principles can improve one's technique.
The O'Briens Shift
Term 2
* Applies the laws of mechanics

* Physics to human performance

*Can help a persons performance through modelling, stimulation and measurement, as well as gaining injury prevention.
*Acessing biomechanical principles invovled in shot-put

*Resources have been used such as video footage, star videos, ubersense and coach my video
Thursday, June 19, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Shot-put origins
Originating since 1896
3 main compontents that affect flight
Shot-put flight:
*Shot-put mainly examines ones strength, muscular power, speed and skill of a person's performance

* To improve performance during shot-put biomechanical principles must be implemented

SUCH AS........
1. The height
2. Angle
3. Speed
Biomechanics of Shot-Put
Newtons 2nd Law
Acceleration will only be produced if object is net or an unbalanced force is acting upon it.
Meaning that greater force given to shot, the further it will travel
Acceleration can be tested by a 30m sprint
* I resulted by achieving 5 seconds (0.166m/s2)
* Ranked as poor
* To improve force I must work on my acceleration
O' Briens Technique:
* Linear force is created in a particular direction when athlete accelerates along circle

* To have optimal force acceleration must be at its peak
Acceleration can be improved by working muscular power in my legs with plyometrics
Newtons 3rd Law
For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction
Influence of external forces
How to prevent external forces:
Narrow Base>
Front foot planted
to ground>
<Front foot planted again
Plant front foot
<more for stabilization
<Keeping lower for balance
<Leg weight
My shot-put Throw = off balance during glide
= ^ ^
Speed of shot put:
More momentum athletes gives = further the shot will travel
Accomplishing Higher Velocity:
Comparing to my putting
^^Reducing my potential to gain a higher velocity
To improve technique:
Start at line of circle
Keep low with muscular leg power
How to preserve momentum in shot put
Conversation of momentum:
Greater Rear Knee Flexaion:
My Greater Rear Knee
Extension Drill:
One thing do correctly:
Transferal of weight to front foot and force on throwing shoulder
Rear foot flexion should be 100 degrees for greater acceleration
Angle and height affect optimum projectile flight
Optimum Angle:
Bodies favor horizontal forces than vertical
^Must be equal forces
My ideal angle should be 35 degrees
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31-35 degrees
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