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US History - 2.2.1 - An English Settlement at Jamestown

USH 2.2.1


on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of US History - 2.2.1 - An English Settlement at Jamestown

An English Settlement
at Jamestown

Chapter 2.2 Part 1
Bad Luck
Why was Jamestown a near disaster?
What's next?
Winter 1607
Disastrous Start
English Settlement
in North America
Guided Reading
Jigsaw Activity

Identify the obstacles facing the first English settlers in North America
Research the theories about Roanoke and establish own opinion in writing.
- Arrived in North America
Reached the coast of Virginia and sailed inland on a river
Named the colony
and the river
in honor of the King of England, James I
John Smith
All the settlers were consumed with one thought
Only 38 colonists remained alive (began with 150)
John Smith- "He that shall not work, shall not eat"
Colony received support and food from the
Smith created at uneasy friendship with the Powhatan leader
John Smith was burned badly and had to return to England
- VA Company shipped 600 colonists to Virginia
Threatened by the Powhatan
Starving Time
"- ate roots, rats, snakes, shoe leather
After a year, only 60 settlers were alive
Colonists unwilling to work
Hostile actions of Powhatan
Killed their livestock
Loss of leader, John Smith
Packed up their things and left
On way home, the oncoming English ship convinced them to go back
New leader-
John Rolfe
Convinced the people to work and the colony grew
Get Into Your Groups!
(20 minute activity)
England decided not to fund a risky trip to North America
King James I granted a charter to the Virginia Company
Company had pooled their money together to finance the trip
King's charter guaranteed that 1/5 of all the gold would go to him
Disease (infected river water)
No one worked, planted crops, or hunted
England- 38
Powhatan- 15,000
Brown Gold
By 1620s, 1.5 million pounds a year was being exported to England
Headright System

Indentured servants

African laborers
Each new arrival would receive 50 acres of land and another 50 acres for each family member
In exchange for food and shelter, must serve 4-7 years
Mystery at Roanoke
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