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on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Gypsies

Romani-American Gypsies

Non-material Culture
Material Culture
Subcultures & Countercultures
subcultures such as other Roma people, Lovari (Catholic Religion),Gurbeti (Muslim Religion) Black dutch (German gypsies), Hungarian Gypsies.
Countercultures include the Kalderash and Machvaya. These Roma people are not gypsies but come from the same area as the Romani gypsies.
The Culture
Gypsy's Mysteriously migrated from India and arrived in Europe roughly 800 years ago, the Romani ethnic group
Forced to resettle because they were unwanted in most European areas.
They have spread everywhere and they move rapidly
Came to America to seek non-prejudice lifestyles
They still travel and have a hard time settling down.
Known as the "Romani Code"
Not written down, it is kept very secretive and explained through oral tradition.
Children are a gift, and a couple should have as many as they are able.
They stay loyal to their families and their culture
Cleanliness is important in the home.
They are known to have extravagant parties, weddings, and baptisms.
The men are employed while the women are not.
When engaged, the grooms family "pays" the brides family with money, land, or possessions.
Traditionally it is normal for the marriage to be arranged and this still happens today.
Women who have sex before they are married often get labeled as un-pure and do not get married because the Romani men do not want them
If this rule is broken they are usually expelled from the gypsy culture.
Women do not usually work, they stay at home to clean and educate their children
Typically they marry young and are abstinent until marriage.
The single girls are not to go out in public except with a male that is in the house hold.
They do not think it is wrong to marry close related family.
First cousins often marry.
Lower body clothes are considered unclean and are not to be washed with other items.
Trashy Dressers
"Lazy" and do not work
They are fortune tellers, some women do claim to be fortune tellers but not all .
Common Patterns of Behaviors
Many Romani males spend a period of time in a jail or prison.
Females tend to have children at a young age.
Gypsies must never eat anything off the ground.
While eating they should not eat with their left hand.
They are very self sufficient and do no like to interact with people out side of their culture group.
They are mainly friends with only other Romani gypsies.
Often harassed by others who do not know their lifestyle.
Food & Drinks
American Gypsies adapt to the cuisine of where they are.
Traditionally, gypsies are known for eating only 2 meals a day.
Since they travel so much fried foods and stew are popular as broiled foods are not.
Gypsies are not against drinking alcohol.
Traditionally, they wore bright colored clothes: women wore long dresses and men wore baggy clothes.
Modern Gypsies, wear what they want.
They like to wear nice clothes and in style clothes, this goes for males and females.
Often wear very revealing clothes.
Housing/Furnishing/Settlement Patterns
Gypsy Americans might maintain a sequence of home bases; they often live in mobile homes, settling indefinitely in a trailer park.
Some Gypsy Americans travel to make their living

Considering most live in moter homes and camper trailers these are their main transportation.
They use cars and trucks like most Americans.
Traditionally they used Gypsy horses to pull their luggage when they traveled
Traditionally, they were blacksmiths and traders.
Blacksmith utensils
Use the same machinery as most Americans
speak various dialects of the Romani language, a distinctive tongue whose vocabulary and grammar are related to Sanskrit.

Family comes before everything.
Stick to beliefs so strongly it is mistaken as a religion.
Religion depends on the gypsy family, some are Catholic and some are Hindu.
Gypsies believe very strongly that they should wait until they are married to have sex.
Men are the dominant of the household, they make the money and decisions.
Men also have more freedom but also defend their family.
The upper body is considered clean and is okay to be exposed, as the lower body is considered unclean.
Gypsy art includes pottery, paintings, and mosaics
Includes bright colors and unique designs
Majestic music
Pictures of Gypsy horses
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