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Kelso's Choices - Welcome to Willow Pond!

Kelso's Choice Lesson 1

Bridget Kummer

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Kelso's Choices - Welcome to Willow Pond!

Welcome to
Willow Pond!

Examples of small

Today, with some help from Kelso, we are going to learn ways some ways to solve problems in your pond.
are big!
Some problems
are small.
And some problems

and we need the help of adults to solve them.
are problems that you can deal with all by yourself because you are a
Small problems...
and smart
when someone makes noises
while you are trying to work
when someone keeps changing the rules during a game
when someone doesn't share a toy
when another student
is pushing in line
How do you feel when you have a small problem?
Sometimes small problems can happen when an adult isn't around.
Big problems usually mean that someone could get hurt.
Big Problems...like a stranger approaching you or inappropriate touching should always be told to an adults immediately.
What kind of feelings do you have when there is a big problem?
A small problem is one that is this big.
What is a small problem?
Who can you go to when you have a BIG problem?
How do we tell a caring adult about a BIG problem?
Is telling a caring adult about a BIG problem tattling?
is when a student tries to get someone in trouble and doesn't really want to solve the problem.
Tattling on someone...
is when a student seeks an adults help to resolve a real problem.
Kelso's Wheel of Solutions
1. Go to another game
2. Talk it out
3. Share and take turns
4. Ignore it
5. Walk away
6. Tell them to stop
7. Apologize
8. Make a deal
9. Wait and cool off

Not far from here, in a beautiful pond lives a very smart frog, named Kelso. Kelso is a great problem solver. He uses his smarts to help out his friends in the pond .
not dangerous
or frightening.
Small problems are ones that are

Small problems are problems that you can solve all by yourself.
Originally from Cindi Scott
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