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Friendship <3

Special Thanks To Camille for helping me, she gave the idea of putting the meaning of FRIENDSHIP.. To my other friends who weren't here, consider yourselves as a special people because i love you all equally xDD And we don't have pictures together =/

Ceril Maurice Manalastas

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Friendship <3

Friendship is not about Nationality, Skin Colour,Language Spoken etc. It's about having someone right beside you either you need them or not =)
Let me show a quick pictures of our friendship.
Here's a quick preview of Me and My friends
Here's a quick preview of Our Friendship =)
Let's have a quick preview of me and my friends.. Where it all started
Memories never Die...
There are times that you fight and argue...But remember always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye but regret can last for a lifetime... Don't Let Your Friendship Ruined For A Small Thing =)
From year 5...
From Year 5 & 6. We had been through a lot of misunderstanding and arguments..but we always end up being friends again..However temptations always comes in our way but we gotta stay strong and keep holding on... In the end it's worth it having a True Friend with you =)
Yeaaaaar 5 again
Year 6
We're like another Family..
Year 6
She... Well, Everybody misses her.. She's just really amazing friend, we treat her as our youngest sister =) Fae we love you
Beeeeest Friend <3
Always and Forever
This is US
Look Where We Are Now =) Our Friendship Keeps Growing Even Better..
Years flew by so fast.And our friendship still lives,We grow and change, but whatever happens our friendship will always stand tall..It's the key to our future.. Some may have left, but they will forever be in our hearts. We may replace them but our memories will never be replaced <3
Good Qualities to be a good friend
Qualities of a Good Friend...
More like a sister as you guys protect eachother
More like a mom when they scold you.
And ofcourse A True Friend, whom you could be yourself and still accept you.
Let's See The Meaning Of Friendship.
F : Forgiving
R : Respectful
I : Intelligence
E : Encouraging
N : Nice
D : Delightful
S : Supportive
H : Humble
I : innocent
P : Pleasent
Boy + Boy = Friends
Girl + Boy = Friends
Girl + Girl = Friends
Friendship has no Limit!
It's not about your gender, height, weight or age.. It's about having eachother's back <3
Look where we are now... Our Friendship Never Ends... Somehow, we can't stop our friendship going through hard times, its normal... It's part of life... These are like my sisters... We are another big family, in house, school, everywhere <3

Our Friendship still standing and it never gets old..
We fill our life with colours and we enjoy it no matter what we go through...
Another amazing..
Enjoy every moment of life...
Don't forget that today will never come back again. So, don't be afraid to embrace anything that God sends you your way today.
It could be a blessing in disguise. Don't be afraid, just be in the now. Even if a moment of happiness helps you forget years of pain then embrace that happiness and joy. Enjoy every moment of life to it's fullest.
- Ceril Maurice

The End
Special Thanks to Camille for helping me in the midnight with the photos
- Camille
We fulfill our Dreams Together...
I have more but i couldn't find any photos of us :( (Farah, Yara, Dania, Ayah, Yasmine, Gabriel and others )
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