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Congo Imperialism

the best on the web~~ hahahahha

Wendy Ma

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Congo Imperialism

Accusations by George W. Williams in "Open Letter":
-No good government & public services

"The (Belgian) officers made a wager of $5 that they could hit the native with their rifles. Three shots were fired and the native fell dead, pierced through the head." A Game of Money and Pride People Treated: forced labor Form of imperialism &
reaction of people Congo's Independence Independence on June 30, 1960 by:
several revolts & protests
120 political parties
Patrice Lumumba-Declaration of Independence
Belgians gave up Congo Imperialism By: Courtney Joe &Wendy Ma Congo Free State
1885-1908 Belgian Congo
1908-1960 Independence
1960 Zaire
1970-1997 Democratic Republic of Congo
1997-present Pre-Colonial
Culture Governing Style Economy Road to Imperialism: King Leopold II of Belgium sent out private ventures Berlin Conference
recognized Congo was Leopold's 1884-1885 DIVERSE
250+ ethnic trading states
-sophisticated kingdoms
-groups without chiefs 1870s Henry Stanley sent
signed 450 treaties with local chiefs 1879 establishment of "Free State"
Leopold is head of Congo Free State 1885 Kongo Luba Mangbetu-Azande European contacts:
Portuguese -Slave trade dominated -trade for local products: RUBBER harsh treatment
women hostage
killed when orders not followed
hands cut off
drastic decrease in population after Belgians “I ran away with two old people, but they were caught and killed, and the soldiers made me carry the baskets holding their cut-off hands. They killed my little sister, threw her in a house, and set it on fire.”
—A Congolese refugee Slave trade ended “I am the master here, and so long as I live, the Kingdom of Garengaze shall have no other.”
—Msiri, King of the Yeke people PROSPERITY! Thanks to Belgians for: Independence and aftermath: Present : -75 years of political violence, economic stealing, and social abuses
-no strong form of government -civil wars
-dictatorship of Mobutu 1965-1997
-more violence Political Social “I do not want to miss a good chance of getting us a slice of this magnificent African cake.” -King Leopold II Trading states
Pre-Colonial Wanted: -personal frame
-national pride Gained: -huge rainforests
-mineral deposits
-free labor force Hands Cut Off remains of his daughter In the Rubber Coils Village headman to Reverend Harris, a British missionary
“Tell them [the rubber agents] that we cannot and therefore will not find rubber... If we must either be massacred or bring rubber, well, let them kill us; then we suppose they will be satisfied.” colonization
some opposed with force
-Bobangi traders
Force Publique formed
others protests-failed Nothing is Stabilize Assassinations of leaders one after another! Non-stop wars with neighbors and within themselves...
a divided nation mass killing, raping, and torturing children soldiers
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