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How I learn

No description

Flora Macdonald

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of How I learn

Since getting to uni and starting to do more independent studying, Google has been one of the main tools I use for research and learning. The search engine makes everything available that you could need to know about a certain subject. For me Google has taken over my use of textbooks as the amount of information available at the touch of a botton is unfathomable. the time it takes to research a subject on Google is fractional when compared to using textbooks.

In recent years, the Youtube has become a place not only
for broadcasting oneself to others to show off talent
or in many situations a lack of but also a place where knowledge
can be passed on!
Anything that happens and is produced either in the media or
even as a film clip that someone has created themselves will probably
at some point find its way on to the Youtube. Clips can appears with in
seconds of an event taking place. An example of this is the moment Obama
was elected into the Whitehouse. With some videos receiving millions
of views ( the most watched video being Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend'), it is
no wonder that it is one of the most hit internet websites ever. The Library
For me, the use of textbooks, journals and other literature
found in libraries has decreased over my lifetime. The internet
has become the main way that I get information together.
However, now that I'm at uni the library is becoming a much more useful tool than I thought it would. Not only does it have a lot of textbooks that will (hopefully) be directed towards the area I am researching, it also has a place where I can sit quietly and actually learn. It is different from using search engines because once you've found the book the likelihood is that it is specific to what you need whereas a search engine will give you everything you could ever need to know, some of it being unrelated to what you actually want to know.
Libraries do tend to have an internet webpages where you can look up what you need in a magical, the pixies will find it for you way rather than having a librarian do it for you as it used to be. This socialising network site has beem one of the fastest growing
on the internet. It allows people not only to catch up with each
other but also to share information with one another. An example of
this is the recent banning of a substance called methadrone or
'meow-meow' for short. It became a mass place for debate on different
people's opinions about not only the drug but also how the government
handled it. Facebook is now an important tool in the election campaign
for the different parties including the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrat.
Really it is quite uncensored and so many people can actually share their
true opinions with other people that are of a like minded view.It can connect
people that are of different backgrounds that wouldn't normally come together. Television
Generally the main thing that I watch it for is news, some
documentaries (such as the ones by Louis Theroux)
and comedy shows. A lot can be learned from the television.
It helps with aspects of general knowledge and awareness of
gobal events which is important in being able to develop opinions.
It has become the main media really through which promotions
and information can be shared as more people have a TV
compared to access to the internet on a global scale.
However, since becoming a student the amount I watch
TV has decreased. This is because I don't actually own one.
It has become a lot easier to watch TV online.
This is the free internet encyclopedia. As it is a wiki website, it is possible
to edit the content. This can be both a hinderance and a help. If the
webpage is changed by someone who knows about the subject and
changes the content because it is incorrect then obviously it will help the reader.
However, it is possible that they can be edited so information is incorrect
and therefore miss leading. I used it a lot during my A Levels to help with basic
knowledge of chemicals etc, but now having started my degree it is possible that
I could be learning the wrong thing entirely and if this does happen then
it could be detrimental to my results. Personally, my degree is more important
to me. Newspapers were the best way to spread news and advertise.
However since the invention of both the internet and the
television their use has declined. Many articles are available online.
When I am at home I use newspapers much more than when I
come to uni. The VLE is possibly the most important tool I have discovered since coming to uni.
Everything I need is on there, be it lecture slides, extra reading or being able to
contact tutors when I don't understand something. It will probably be the main constant
of my learning throughout my degree and my ifrst port of call when I am doing work. The availibility of the lecture slides is very important for me.
Having missed a few lectures, the fact that I can catch up
quite easily is very important. It means that I don't fall behind. Also if the lecturer was speaking too fast then I can go back and reread. The fact that some lecturers put extra detail on the bottom of the slides helps enormously when it comes to revision. Another learning tool that is available on the VLE is
the links to other online learning resources. This is
especially shown in the module 'Introduction to
Pharmacology'. I feel that these links have helped
me to progress further as the material helps when
it comes to understanding more of the basics and
once this has been achieved the more complex subjects
become easier to understand. The main way I now get the news is via the BBC news page.
This enables me to keep up to date with current events. Also
I can keep the recent scienctific discoveries by having the
link in my 'favorites'. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/default.stm
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