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Abbey's Research Report


Miss Krohn

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Abbey's Research Report

Swedish pancakes, meat , fish, potatoes, vegetables, bread, milk, coffee seafood small lobsters cheese crayfish smorgasbord tradition.
People live in apartments. A lot of the old jobs are farming. A anther job is cooking.A lot of people live in the city. I the old days people people lived in the country.
Sweden is the size of California it has more then 100,000 lakes. California has 4 times fewer people then California. Sweden has a lot of hill and mountains. In Sweden it has 8.8 million people living in Sweden.
Physical Characteristics
let alone a long ago viking settled in Sweden.The flag is a similar to other countries. The money in Sweden is called krona. A allies is Norway Denmark Finland.
by Debbie L. Yanuck
Janet Riehecky
Sylvia McNair
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