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Cynthia Bullock

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of Stewardship

A Portrait of Immanuel
Nurturing Faith
Immanuel is more than a place
Inviting & Welcoming
ILC Community
Mercy & Justice
Your generosity funds minstry
and changes lives

hearing every Sunday morning that we are loved and gifted.
coming together with friends to pray on a Wednesday evening.
passing on the faith as children learn sacred words & songs.
sitting with God in stillness by the cross during Lent services.
proclaiming the promises of God at a funeral.
honoring promises of love and faithfulness at a wedding
hearing a child bravely stand up to lead prayer during Bible School.

Worship changes lives
Worship is...
Faith is nurtured and supported...
when children hear a Bible story during Sunday School
when Adults share life stories and ask hard questions in Adult Forum
when Third Graders receive a Bible of their own
in small groups, casual discussions, sharing of stories.
when Confirmation students struggle over a Credo talk
as we're challenged to use our gifts for the sake of the world.
when we're mentored to take a risk and trust God's provision.

Faith Nuture changes lives.
Nurturing Faith
Caring Community happens
when we sit around a table for dinner or coffee.
when the Care Team visits a home bound member.
as the Pastor sits with a family in crisis.
in the relationships created on retreats or youth trips.
among volunteers of all kinds as they do work together.
as someone takes the time to really listen.

Caring Community changes lives.
ILC Community
Mercy happens when we meet someone's immediate needs --

when we show up at Project Home so families can have a safe, warm place to sleep
when we serve at the Dorothy Day Center so folks on the streets can have a decent meal.
when we hold a huge flea market and give all the proceeds away.
when we nail boards at Habitat or or organize Christmas baskets.
when we give 10% of our operating budget to those in need.
Mercy & Justice
Worship takes things like bulletins, bread & wine, candles, choir music, research, rehearsals, heat or air conditioning, vacuuming the sanctuary each week, and lots of creativity.

Worship, including resources, staff time and building use, represents about 27% of Immanuel's budget.
Nurturing Faith takes books, crayons, emails, planning time, clean & well-stocked classrooms, projectors, volunteer training and really good questions.
Nurturing Faith, including resources, staff time, and building use, represent 26% of Immanuel's operating budget.
Caring Community takes food... lots of food! and organizing and a place to meet and eat. It takes games and youth rooms. It takes safe and welcome places for difficult conversations. It takes retreats, church directories and lutefisk.
Caring community, including resources, staff time and building use, represents
20% of Immanuel's operating budget.
Mercy & Justice
Justice happens when we work for long term change --

when we learn to speak respectfully about difficult issues.
as we consider ways to live that are fair and just.
when we visit the Capitol to learn from, and join our voices with others seeking change.
when we respect and care for God's creation.
when we stand up for someone who is being unfairly treated.

Mercy & Justice change other's lives AND ours.
Mercy and Justice take hope, emails & phone calls, planning, learning, and financial contributions to our Ministry Partners around the city and around the world.
Mercy and Justice, including resources, staff time, building use and financial donations represents 14% of Immanuel's operating budget.
Inviting takes a safe, clean, functional space. It takes an up to date website, advertising and signage. It takes easy to use bulletins. It takes flyers and posters. It takes coffee.
Inviting and welcoming, including resources, staff time, and building use, represents 12% of Immanuel's operating budget.
Inviting & Welcoming
Inviting and welcoming happen ...

when visitors come to worship and are warmly welcomed.
when we invite a preschool or art class to use our building.
when another church sings praises on Sunday in the East Lounge.
when someone is supported in sobriety at an AA meeting.
when the Pastor takes a visitor out for coffee, or helps them wrestle with difficult questions.
when the Confirmation Class has a 25 cent cocoa booth: They give the customers cocoa AND 25 cents. Then they tell them about grace.

Inviting & Welcoming changes lives.
To accomplish all of these ministries in 2017,
$420,000 is needed.

$405,000 was 2016 level, but that was $11,000 short of a balanced budget

This is a 3.7% increase, both reasonable and attainable for our congregation

We are funding ministry that changes lives.
Immanuel's operating budget, including staff time and building use can be divided into 5 ministry areas
Immanuel is a community
growing in Christ,
living in grace,
serving in love.

We are the beloved people of God gifted and called to make
a difference in this world.
Immanuel is a place where ministry happens...
... so this year, the stewardship committee wants to talk about how your generous gifts of time and money make ministry happen.
We've looked at the operating budget of Immanuel, and divided it... all of it... into 5 areas of ministry. We have classrooms and copiers and air conditioning and staff members to make ministry happen. Everything in our budget supports these 5 areas of God's ministry here and around the world.
Nurturing Faith
ILC Community
Mercy & Justice
Inviting & Welcoming
The 5 areas of ministry are:
This is the way our operating budget breaks down into ministry areas
Now we'd like to tell you about those ministry areas...
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