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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

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on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses
Wife/sister of Zeus (Encyclopedia of World Mythology 511)
Goddess of women (mothers) and children (Encyclopedia of World Mythology 511)
Daughter of Chronus and Rhea (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 137)
Sacred bird is the peacock (Micha F. Lindemans)
One of the oldest Greek deities (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 137)
Originally worshipped in the city of Argos (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 137)
Violently jealous of rivals (Zeus's mistresses) / destructive personality (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 137)
First woman on the Earth (Micha F. Lindemans)
Married to Epimetheus (brother of Prometheus) (Encyclopedia of World Mythology 810)
Sent to Earth with a box / jar (Pandora's Box) (Encyclopedia of World Mythology 810)
Created by the gods to punish Prometheus for giving fire to mankind (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 93)
Opened the box due to her curiosity, releasing all the evils of the world as well as hope (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 93)
Uncontrollably curious (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 93)
Name means "all gifts" (Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 93)
Had a daughter with Epimetheus named Pyrrha (Encyclopedia of World Mythology 810)
Works Cited
Son of river god, Cephissus, and nymph, Liriope
His beauty led to his death
Prophet, Tyresias, told Narcissus's mother that he would be fine as long as he never saw his own reflection
So beautiful that both women and men fell in love with him but he rejected them all
One of his suiters called on the gods to punish Narcissus for rejecting everyone
Said to have drowned trying to touch his reflection in a pond
Goddess of grain
Daughter of Zeus and Demeter
Wife of Hades / queen of the underworld
Hidden on the island of Sicily by Demeter to protect her because of her exceptional beauty
Kidnapped and taken to the underworld by Hades
Forced to stay with Hades for a few months (winter) every year because she ate pomegranate seeds from the underworld

(Ancient Greece and Rome: an Encyclopedia for Students 735)
(Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students 112-113)
Son of Cronus and Rhea
Sky and weather god
Became the head of Olympus after overthrowing Cronus
Father of Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athene and Dionysus
Saved siblings from Cronus when they were swallowed
Sea god
Husband of Amphitrite, a sea nymph
In some stories he was saved by Rhea
Once tried to take Athens from Athena by going before the court, but did not succeed
(Daly 106-107)
God of the underworld, terror, and inevitable death
Had a helmet that turned him invisible
Kidnapped Persephone and brought her to the underworld
(Daly 58)
Daughter of Zeus and Metis
Known for her wisdom
Goddess of arts and crafts
Born out of the forehead of Zeus
(Daly 18-19)
The "winged messenger"
Son of Zeus and Maia
God of flocks, roads, trading and thieves
Guided souls to Hades
Invented the lyre out of a tortoise shell and cow guts
(Daly 66-67)
God of the Sun
Married to Rhodes
Often depicted in a fiery chariot pulled by horses
Children: Circe, Acetes, Phaeton
In the Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew ate the cattle of Helios
(Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z)
Group of giants with one eye in the middle of their forehead
Known to be skilled workers who built the walls of ancient cities
Kronos trapped the Cyclopes in Tartarus, Zeus freed them. In return they created Zeus's weapons, thunder and lightning
Polyphemos blinded by Odysseus
(Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z)
Goddess of: Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Procreation
Born from sea foam
Zeus married her off to Hephaestus and Aphrodite not happy about it
Symbols of Aphrodite: Dove, Apple, Mirror, Scallop Shell
Son of Zeus and Leto
Twin sister Artemis
Famous for his Oracle of Delphi
God of: Music (lyre), Medicine, Light, Truth
His attributes: Golden lyre, Silver Bow
(Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z)
(Roman and Greek Mythology A to Z)
(Daly 135-137)
Also said to have killed himself from depression and anger, then turned into a the flower, narcissus (daffodil), by the gods (Ancient Greece and Rome
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