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The Black Death

No description

Jared Farley

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The Black Death

The Black Death
Different Types of the Plague
The Plague originated in Asia and Spread to Europe.
The Plague followed trade routes (Silk Road).
The Plague was highly contagious

There are 3 different types of the Plague
The 3 types of Plague is bubonic, pneumonic, and septemic.
Septemic plague is the worst type

What is the Plague?
The plague took place in Europe in 1346 A.D.
A Plague is a deadly disease.
It killed most of Europe's population.
Works Cited
Informational Text
Informational Text
Treatment of Plague
Religious Impact
Informational Text
Economic Impact
How the Plague Spread
- People with the plague need treatment immediately
- If treatment is not given within 24 hours death will occur
Impact on art
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It is the most common form.
Refers to swollen lymph nodes around the groin, armpit, and neck.

("Black Death in England 1348-1350")
They said death was like a chess game
They always did the dance of death.
Culture turned dead.
Most of the images had dead people dancing and playing with humans.
They also drew the images on the tombstones.
Impact on Music
("Where Did Black Death Start?")
("21st century plague discovered by scientists")

It occurs when the Y. pestis infects the lungs.
The first signs are headache, fever, weakness and, coughing.

("Facts About Pneumonic Plague")
("Department of Scandinavian Studies")
-The churches lose their power
- The church can not offer a cure for the plague
("Department of Scandinavian Studies")
("Department of Scandinavian Studies")
Not enough workers
There is an over supply of goods
Peasants leave the manor so they can be payed to work
Most deadly form of the Plague.
Mortality Rate 100%
Once sypmtoms appear you die in the same day.

("Department of Scandinavian Studies")
Informational Text
Title : "Everything you know about the Black Death is Wrong, Say the Bones "
Scientists in London discovered by looking at 25 skeletons everything we know about The Black Death is wrong
The skeletons show the rats weren't the only cause.
The poor living conditions and hard lives were to blame.
Around 50,000 people were buried in the Farrington Cemetery in London.
The Black Death has killed 75 million people.
Including half of Britain's population
"Black Death Burrial Site

Scientists found 12 bodies recently while working on a subway in London
After they tested the bodies they found out that these bodies were victims of the black death.
("Black Death Burial Site Uncovered")
Their teeth contain DNA from the plague bacteria
Their graves have been dated to 1348- 1350
("The Black Death")
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