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Social Studies - Colegio Real 2011

The topics for 8th grade summarized and set as an example for the students by: Policarpio Cañari

Policarpio Cañari

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Studies - Colegio Real 2011

SOCIAL STUDIES Final Project EXPANSION OF U.S. why? They had no kindgoms or empires who to fight with
They claimed their right to expand How? How?
By purchasing territories (e.g. Alaska, Louisiana)
by wars (e.g. with Mexico)

The Civil war
The Northern States were against slavery
The Southern States were in favor of slavery
The North had more resources

They divided into two states:
The Confederate (southern states)
The Union (northern states) AMERICAN
CIVIL WAR The Confederate states
of America The Union States Consequences:
- President Lincoln abolished Slavery
- The North won However,
segregation was applied
Legal separation of races An example made by :
Lic. Policarpio Cañari The Topics: Expansion of the U.S.
Britain becomes more democratic
Democracy in France Other changes:
- Immigrats from other countries
- Labour conditions were not good enough
- U.S. was still the most democratic nation
- Women asked for their rights Britain becomes more democratic
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