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No description

Carly Monks

on 10 January 2014

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Sunset Flamingo
Argentina is a country like no other, and you will have the time of your life there.

South America is calling your name!

This will be a magnificent vacation like no other!

Trust us to give you the vacation of your dreams.

So put on you pink feathers, stand on one leg, and enjoy your trip with Sunset Flamingo!

One Leg into Paradise
Additional Information
Continent: South America
Length of trip: 9 days

You will be visiting....
Christ the Redeemer- a giant statue in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro
You can completely engulf yourself in their rich culture, and enjoy a stress free environment.
Imperial Museum- Petropolis
Visit an 18th century mansion built on the sight of Pre Colombian pyramid houses
This magnificent country has a beautiful landscape and the people are very kind. You will love the time you spend here in Brazil.
The activities are endless. Explore your options and have fun!
Museo del oro de Peru- Many tourists visit the museum every year to see the amazing ancient artifacts
Peru has amazing beauty and interesting architecture.
Events in Brazil
You can take part in....
Carnival- a huge party that involves dancing, singing, costumes, and much more!
Visit the Buenos Aires Zoo!
The Casa Rosada is a famous historic landmark in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Food in Argentina is fantastic! Be bold and test out some new flavors!
Santa Rosa de Lima day - August 30th
celebrate Saint Rosa
Try Chorizo, its a popular sausage commonly sold by street vendors in Argentina.
You will be dining at La Cabrera. It is the #1 restaurant in Buenos Aires.
The March equinox is on the 20th and many gather to watch
People in Argentina tend to dress on the formal side, and we suggest you do so as well
When meeting someone new it is common to shake hands and say "encantado"
Always pour wine with your right hand, if you pour with your left it means you dislike the person your with.
In Peru outdoor or adventure gear is appropriate, but not when fine dining.
The biggest meal of the day is Lunch
The City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
South America has much to offer.
Natural Wonders
Sun-kissed Beaches
Towering Volcanoes
Lush Rainforests
Experience South american culture through the food and people .
The country's festivals are thrilling!

The people of Peru are known to be kind and welcoming
The landscape is beautiful

There are beautiful mountains to hike

Relaxing beaches
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