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No description

Poppy Fleming

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Skellig

Michael is one of the main characters. He is the one who discovers Skellig. He has just moved house and they are still cleaning everything up. The man who used to live in the house couldn't move very well and died.
The Baby
The baby is ill and is constantly going in and out of hospital with the frantic mum. The baby is ill and Dr. Death is normally in the house checking she is ok and mainly alive.
Mina is the girl who shows Michael where the owls. She also longs to see the baby and doesn't go to school. She loves birds and all animals and is always willing to try to learn new things.
Skellig Mind map
All The Characters So Far
Michael Skellig
Mina Mrs Dando
Mum Ernie
Dad Monkey Mitford
The Baby Rasputin
Whisper DR. mac nabola
Leakey Mrs McKee (mina's mum)
Coot Miss Clarts
Dr. Dan (a.k.a. Dr. death)
Common Phrases
Things that occur regularly are:
27 and 53
The Story
A family has moved into a new house and their baby is ill and their son Michael is struggling in school. Micheal doesn t really like the house at first. The baby then goes to hospital with the mum they stay there for a while. At the the house while that was happening the dad and Micheal are trying to tidy up the house. Micheal
The dad is trying to help the mum
by tiding the house before the baby
and mum get back from the hospital.
Michael is helping tidy up as well, they are painting

The story is set in an old house and garage that used to belong to an old man called Ernie. Some of it is set in the school or in the street.
Daddy <3
The dad is tiding the house for
when the mum and baby get back
from hospital. Michael is also helping tidy up,
Dreams occur regularly in the story. At the beginning of chapter 22 there is a dream which Michael is having he dreams that doctor MacNabola and doctor death are there. the baby is in the blackbird nest with him and she has feathers. The doctors are telling her to fly down out of the nest so that they can make her better. She wants to but Michael can see that she doesn't have enough feathers yet. A lot of the dreams that occur are sad. The blackbird and baby appear in a lot of them as well. Mina quoted that dreams and the truth are always getting mixed up. There is a dream at the beginning of chapter 10
hello alex :-)
Michael's House
The house that Michael has moved into was owned by an old man. The garden is a jungle and there is a crumbling garage.
At Michael's house there is a garage which is crumbling and full of dead animals, bugs and lots of old furniture.
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