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Richard Nixon

No description

Maura Rowell

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Richard Nixon

The Scandalous Life of Richard Nixon After his resignation, Nixon settled in San Clemente, California.

He composed memoirs and several pieces on international affairs.

Though disgraced by his presidential scandal, Nixon gained a sense of authority on foreign affairs due.

Richard M. Nixon died April 18, 1994. After getting married in 1940 and having two daughters,
Nixon served in World War II as a Navy lieutenant
commander. Nixon ran for president on the Republican ballot in November of 1968. His victory appeared to mark a new presidency, a new political era.

America experienced much excitement under Nixon's administration, including the launch of the first person to the moon in 1969.

President Nixon also focused on foreign affairs, traveling abroad and lessening tensions with the U.S.S.R. and China.

In 1972, Nixon began campaigning for his re-election. The campaign of 1972 ended up in another victory for President Nixon, but a recently uncovered scandal would leave Nixon's presidency in demise.

Break-ins to the Democratic National Headquarters, located in the Watergate Hotel, were traced back to the White House. The scandal uncovered secret and illegal funds for campaigning and bugging leaders of the Democratic party's offices. Prior to orchestrating one of the most memorable scandals in United States Presidential history,Richard Nixon was a young law student, born and raised in Yorba Linda, California. After attending both Whittier College and Duke University, it was clear Nixon possessed a brilliant talent in the practice of law. He then began a long career in politics, first as a Congressman from his district in California, then a 1950 senate seat, and finally as General Eisenhower's running mate in the election of 1952. After close inspection of evidence, courtesy of two reporters at the Washington Post, the Watergate Scandal was traced back to the White House...and to President Nixon.

Despite Nixon's denial, he was put up for impeachment and his name was tarnished. August 8, 1974 marked the resignation day of President Richard Nixon.

After two years of speculation and investigation (and his continued presidential reign), the Republican who had helped to ring in a new era of politics was brought down by a monumental scandal. Information acquired at:


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