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Future forms

This prezi is about future forms and how they are structured.

Mariela Peña

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Future forms

Be going to + infinite Present continuous: be + verb + ing Will/shall+infinitive FUTURE
FORMS My sister´s going
to adopt a child Use going to when you
have already decided
to do something Future plans
and intentions You can usually
present continous
or going to for future
plans/arrangements Use will/won't
(not the present simple) for instant decisions,
promises,offers and
suggestions. Going to shows that you have made a decision.
ex: we are going to get married in the summer Presents continuous emphasizes that you
have made the arrangements.
We`re getting married on July
12th (ex: we`ve booked the church). Example
We´re getting married in October They´re meeting
at 10:00 She´s leaving on
Friday Example:
Shall we eat out tonight? I´ll have the steak
(instant decision)
I won´t tell anybody where you are (Promise)
I´ll carry that bag for you (Offer) Examples Examples Use shall (not will) with I and We
for offers and suggestions when
they are questions. Example:
I'm going to study
in Oxforde next year Examples
My sister´s going to
adopt a child
Are you going to buy
a new car?
I´m not going to go
to New York
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