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The 3 Presidents of the New Nation

ESL US History Chapter 8


on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of The 3 Presidents of the New Nation

Three Presidents
Of a New Nation

George Washington
Washington’s Cabinet Advisers
Secretary of State – Thomas Jefferson
Talks to other countries
US Treasurer – Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of War – Henry Knox
Attorney General-Edmund Randolph
Top Lawyer of USA
Presidents Don’t Act Alone
Created a bank to control money
Took out debt from countries to make friends with other banks
Wanted US army
Alexander Hamilton
How Banking Works
A bank loans money to people and business but collects interest from them
Interest: The price of a loan (borrow money)
Example: A person loans you $100, but you have to pay them back $110.
The extra $10 is interest
A bank also borrows money from people and pays those people interest
The bank then loans that money out for more interest
Big central government
Big army
Big debts
US Bank
Weak states
John Adams
Alexander Hamilton
Federalist Party
Political Parties:
Groups of people who think the same and want to control the government
Served two 4 year terms then stopped
Did not like political parties
Said it gave too much power to too few people
Stayed neutral and called parties dangerous
Refused to support France in war against England
Small central government
No army
No debts
No government banks
Strong states
Thomas Jefferson
Aaron Burr
No suffrage
Men who:
Own property
Suffrage (right to vote) in USA
2nd President
Beat other presidential candidate (person running for president) Thomas Jefferson
Afraid of French Revolution and French immigrants
Many people and newspapers did not like Adams
They felt he was arrogant and thought he was better than other people
John Adams
Citizenship now took 14 years to get
Many immigrants deported (sent away) for being “dangerous”

Freedom of speech and press taken away
People fined and jailed
Alien and Sedition Acts
Resolution – a government opinion
Said Alien and Sedition Act breaks rights in Bill of Rights
Said laws are not constitutional
Not following the laws of the constitution
Said states do not have to follow unconstitutional federal laws
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Democratic-Republicans defeat Federalists
Elected 1800
Ended Alien Sedition Acts
Citizenship now 5 years
Paid debts
No more slaves from Africa
Thomas Jefferson
Napoleon now Emperor of France and conquering Europe
Needs money
Sells land in America to USA
828,000 miles for $15 million
USA now double in size
US controls Mississippi
Many resources
Louisiana Purchase
Explored through the Louisiana Purchase through Oregon to the Pacific
Lewis and Clark
Napoleonic War
To get them to stop: Jefferson leads an embargo
Coercion: make someone change with force
Made trade to England and France illegal
Hurt business and trade bad
Did not work
Napoleon loses the war
The Embargo
USA selling to both England and France (who were fighting)
Food & war supplies
England and France set up blockades
Walls of ships to stop other ships
France attacks US ships going to England
England attacks US ships going to France
Made it so the Judicial Branch can declare laws or actions by the government unconstitutional and they have to stop
Justice John Marshall
People buy US Treasury Bonds
Bond: A loan to the government
The government uses bonds to build (roads, schools...)
People with US bonds make money on interest
US Savings bonds are good gifts
The child you give it to can’t spend it until it makes a lot of interest
Can pay for college, a home or car
How US Banks
political party,
public service,
candidate, arrogant,
running mate,

electoral college
, elector,
inaugural address,
resource, prosper,
Vocab Wall
Inaugural Address
Electoral College
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