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"Song: Sweetest Love, I Do Not Go"

No description

Fernanda Barrientos

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of "Song: Sweetest Love, I Do Not Go"

1st Stanza
: focuses on how the speaker must leave due to the inevitable departure he will make--death
2nd Stanza
: the speaker equates his journey to the movement of the sun
3rd Stanza
: saddened by the fact that there is no way for mankind to prolong life
4th Stanza
: the speaker laments the misery he has caused due to his travels
5th Stanza
: a warning and a comfort to the speaker’s love
: a man, seemingly of high social status
To Whom
: his love, who is skeptical of the traveling
: before the mans departure
: the pair is having the same argument they seem to have each time he leaves
Verse Form
Connotative Words
: sun, wings, spurs
: a sunset, a sunrise
: the speaker tells his love that she should imagine what life would be like without him since he will die someday by pretending that he is going on this journey for life although it is for a small amount of time
: Apollo
Figurative Language
: conceit, hyperbole
: jest, fortune, chance
“sweetest love, I do not go,”
“and yet is here today;”
“then fear not me,”
“itself o’er us to’ advance”
“they who one another keep / Alive, ne’er parted be”
Significance of Title
shows the speaker’s desperation for the love of his woman
Transition words/phrases
: for, nor, but, thus, yet, and then
: death, hour, sigh’st, and life; transition words; pronouns
Key Lines
“nor in hope the world can show a fitter love for me”
“O how feeble is man’s power, that if good fortune fall, cannot add another hour, nor a lost hour recall”
“Destiny make take thy part and may thy fears fulfil”
: death without you (1), my sun (2), powerlessness of mankind (3), breathless (4), and destiny (5)
General Idea/Implied Theme
taking advantage of the love one has in their lifetime because death will come eventually
"Song: Sweetest Love, I Do Not Go"
Poet: John Donne
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