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Why did Lizette and I migrate to califonia?

No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Why did Lizette and I migrate to califonia?

lizette and l are reaaly best friands l hope that she is my best friend forerver!!
The reason why Lizette and I migrated to califina is becuase of Lizetteś familyś and i,get a better job, to strike it rich and for both of us have a better house. just to let you know that Lizette and i are really best friendś.
Why did Lizette and I migrate to califonia?
the route lizette and i to get to our new home was to pay our plane ticket, pack our clothes,wait in till we had to go on the plane and on the plane it was rough and tiring. them lizeete and i
what route did lizette and i get to our new home
where in califona did lizette and i go ?
the hard ships that lizette and i faced on was leaving our home, leving our faverit restaurant our faverite restaurant is souplantation and leving our friends that live in wasingtion dc.
the hardships did we face on going away from our family
Migrtion with my friend
the part in california i went to is san diego. the reason why we went to san diego is because our job tanfered to califronia so we had to go over there. the job that i work at is in a mexican restaurant,our houes and our friends and family.
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