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The human brain

No description

Mohamed Saafan

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of The human brain

Human brain
Can you describe your brain in one word?
Have you ever tried to know some info about your brain??
Let's start telling you some facts about your brain!!
The Brain: Our Sense of Self
"from the brain and the brain only arise our pleasures,joys,laughter and jests,as well as our sorrows,pains and griefs"
Welcome to mind utopia
Parts of the human brain
Left hemisphere
Right hemisphere
The two hemispheres
Story of the two halves
Roger Sperry experiment in the sixties lead to the discovery of the difference between the two halves
So we can say that .....
-Left brain=Linear vision

-Right brain=Holistic vision

which is related to spatial intelligence

What is brain lateralization?
The term brain lateralization refers to the fact that the two halves of the human brain are not exactly alike.
Paul Broca
Carl Wernicke
Sex difference
Does it matter when talking about brain?
Aging and brain dominance theory
when we come into this world we are right-brain dominant; but when we leave it we are left-brain dominant
Does this provide evidence on why the most creative work of many artists and scientists are normally found earlier in life rather than later?

Dreams solutions
Dreams are where the right brain is shining!!
Get ready for this
Left handed people
Although 95% of right-handed people have left-hemisphere dominance for language, 18.8% of left-handed people have right-hemisphere dominance for language function.
Globally, roughly 12% of men and 10% of women are left-handed
Left handers are better at 3 dimensional perception and thinking.

But this leads to the
famous question
Is it true that Left-Handed people are smarter than Right-Handed people?

The 10 Percent of Brain Myth

Do We Really Only Use 10 Percent of Our Brain?
Fast and slow thinking modes
The brain is vital to our existence.. Scientists have worked for many years to unravel the complex workings of the brain. Their research efforts have greatly improved our understanding of brain function.
Corpus callosum
White and gray matter
Being a multi-tasker
Thank you :)
Brain attention
Manipulation of attention
Beat your thinkophobia
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