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The Dark Is Rising

No description

Meadow Root

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Dark Is Rising

The Dark Is Rising
By: Susan Cooper
Prezi by: Meadow Root
Will Stanton is the main character. He is a eleven year old boy, who discovers he has been chosen to be a member of The Old Ones.
Will Stanton
James Stanton
Mr. Stanton is Will's father an an active member in town.
Merriman Lyon
Merriman is a member of The Old Ones and he has made a commitment to Will to make sure he's safe.
I would get Will Stanton a black metal birdcage. Will encounters many rooks; which are black birds that are part of the crow family. These birds are commonly found in the United Kingdom and Will lives in Buckinghamshire, England. Will takes a feather from a Rook and wedged it into his belt to be able to carry it with him. He places all the items on a table and they begin to glow so bright, Will now knew this was a sign and there is special power in these items. The Rook becomes more meaningful to Will and therefore, I think he would love to have one as a pet.
I would give Mr. Stanton an acoustic guitar. Mr. Stanton participated in Christmas caroling during the holidays with his large family. He and his family also take part in the church choir during Sunday mass. Mr. Stanton is definitely musically talented. He ordered recorders for everyone to use while caroling.
Another gift I would give Mr. Stanton would be a very warm winter jacket. This winter was extremely cold and snowy. Mr. Stanton and Will had found a lost man, who was stuck in the deep snow. They helped him out of the snow. Mr. Stanton invited the homeless man to the house for a hot meal. Maybe if Mr. Stanton had the extra winter coat from me, he would have given the coat to the man. Then he wouldn't have had to invite him into his home. Because the stranger had scared Will with a message about the important items on his belt. Will had collected meaningful items and put them on his belt. Will was learning about the special power these items held. and to keep them safe from others.
I would Give Merriman Lyon a black Hummer. Every time Merriman had to travel, he used the bus, a trolley, a cab or the train. Merriman, a member of The Old Ones, had a great amount responsibility. He has to make sure Will is safe because "The Dark" is always lurking after The Signs. Will is so young and does not know how to use the signs and their power. The Dark will come in any shape or form. The Hummer is a strong vehicle that can help Merriman escape a horrible situation. Also having your own vehicle is much faster than public transportation.
I would give Merriman Lyon a Smart Phone with GPS system. This gift would be even more useful if Will also had a smart phone. I know Will and Merriman can use telepathy to speak to each other when they are in the same room, but the phones can link them together no matter how far they are. There are many apps. that can help them in sticky situations. When the Green Witch kept flying at them to scare them, they could have scared her away with the flashes from the camera or loud noise from the phone. Merriman can record clues and send them over to Will. The phone would be useful to let Will know when Merriman will be coming over. He always appears out of no where. Will's uncle wanted to bring Will on a road trip to Cornwall, another town in England. And Merriman ended up going on the trip with them because he happened to be Will's uncle friend. They pretended not to have known each other because they have to protect their identity of being members of The Old Ones.
I would give Will a durable black backpack. It has to be strong because Will has very important things or Signs to keep safe. Will carries his items on his belt and they are visible to any threat. One time The Dark Rider saw the Sign; the bronze circle divided it into 4 equal parts by a cross. This exposed his identity of being one of The Old Ones. The Dark Rider does follow him and tries to trick Will to get his Sign. Because The Dark Rider saw the circle on Will's belt, he now knows Will is the Sign-Seeker. The Dark Rider later appears at Will's house, in disguise, trying to weasel his way into the house. If Will had his things hidden in a back pack, he would have avoided some trouble. The backpack can also carry The Book of Gramary, which holds many secrets about the Old Ones, was given to Will to learn about who he is. The book would be safer in a backpack, with Will's belt, the Rook's feather, and a whitish stone. All these things are Signs that have power when together and will help Will fight against The Dark.
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