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Bilingual Lucy

No description

Alyssa Roland

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Bilingual Lucy

Bilingual Lucy will cost $20-$35 to make.
Lucy will be sold in the best toy stores, and online.
Lucy's price to purchase will be $50-$60.
All extras (Clothes, keys, and warranties.) will have different prices.
Warranties will cost $10 for a year. But a consumer can get up to a 5 year warranty.
All doll clothes will have different prices based on style.
The keys will cost $15 for 2. (Lucy comes with 3 default keys for free)
Why Lucy will help
What's Special
interchangeable keys
Fraction of a tutor's cost
Flashing lights
Other Features
Lucy is a talking doll that teaches children that is 3+ years old different languages, colors, shapes, number, and alphabet.
Lucy is 1 foot 7 inches tall.
Lucy has interchangeable keys for each different language
Bilingual Lucy can teach a child multiple languages and even their own
Bilingual Lucy
Lucy will help out both the parent and child by:
Saving money
spend more time together
more free time to do a hobby/ activity
Have fun learning!
By: Alyssa Roland
Vance Pepper

About Lucy
Gateway Toy Design
Flashing and colorful lights
Lucy is the revolution of the doll and bilingual world.

Every child deserves a chance to blend into the lingual society, and Lucy will be the best thing!

Just compare the 90's to when Lucy is being used!

Lucy will be the favorite doll for parents and teachers all over the U.S. or even the world!
Bilingual Lucy will be the "interface of kids in to the more advanced technological world"!
3 year old Height and arm length

Bruyere, Nathalie. “Play Communs.” Core77 11 July 2014. Web.17 September 2014.
Baker, Fiona. “Children Learning a Second Language.” Kidspot 17 June 2013. Web. 3 October 2014.
Sieh, Mabel. “It’s Never Too Early for Children to Learn a Second Language.” Scmp.com 29 April 2014. Web. 3 October 2014.


people who are bilingual are shown to appreciate literature of other languages.
They have chips that have different
languages and difficulty levels
programed on them. ( For example, English Basic)
This chart is to show that Lucy is kid size friendly
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