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The Warren Truss Bridge

No description

alexis rigele

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of The Warren Truss Bridge

The Warren Truss bridge is a simple, stable and suitable design. It consists of a road deck, top deck, five triangular trusses on each side and two abutments for added stabilization.

It is an easy yet effective design for a bridge which is why the Warren Truss Bridge is one of the most popular bridges in the world.
Design in Detail
The triangular trusses are made of paddle pop sticks and held together by hot glue and tacks.

The tacks are nailed into the decks which are made of balsa wood. The hot glue is for extra support so that the tacks do not splits the paddle pop sticks.

I then painted the entire bridge so that it was more aesthetically pleasing.
Materials and Tools Used
Balsa Wood
Paddle Pop Sticks
Wooden Abutments
Uses of this Bridge
The Warren Truss bridge is designed for all types of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

It could go over a lake, river, ocean, or over road that could lead a different way and allow less traffic jams.
The Warren Truss Bridge
By Alexis Rigele
Hot Glue Gun
Overall this bridge is a stable, simple, suitable, aesthetically pleasing and is useful to many different places, climates and environments all over the world.
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