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Model 5

No description

Dalal Web

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Model 5

Personal analogy statement
Team B Model 5

I am scared because I don’t know what I am doing.
I am worried the students will suffer because I am inexperienced and inept. God will help me, it will be okay. BREATHE!

Safari Jeep:
I am excited that I get to go out into the world and have exciting adventures, but still get to go home every so often to “touch base

Beginning Teacher:
Beginning Teacher

I am worried that I am either being too nice and students think they can get away with too much and I am worried that I am too strict and students will shut down in my classroom

Safari Jeep:
I am scared because every safari is different and I do not know what to expect
Beginning Teacher
I am pumped because I have been given all of the tools necessary in college and student teaching to be able to handle my first class of students! Bring it on

Safari Jeep
I am pumped because I have been created with all of these accessories and extra things necessary to get me through any type of terrain! Bring it on!

Beginning teacher
I am excited because teaching is what I've been preparing for! Hang on and here we go!

Safari Jeep
I am ready to head into the jungle with my special tires and 4-wheel drive! Hang on and here we go!
Beginning Teacher

I feel thrilled and scary because you don't know if you all impact students achievement or not being firm or manage misbehavers in class with students
safari” jeep
I feel scary because you do not know what you expected during the journey.
Beginning teacher is NOT like a safari jeep
-When the jeep is broken, people try to fix it, when a teacher is struggling,
she is on her own and must seek help to fix herself.
2-A new jeep only loses value as the years go on whereas a teacher only gets
better with time
3-The SJ has a great shock system that helps the vehicle to absorb the bumps
in the road. The NT has to develop a "shock system" which will be different for
each teacher.
4-The SJ cannot protect from a tiger attacking the passengers. It doesn't see the tiger
or its effects. The NT can recognize and protect children who are in a dangerous
or abusive situation
5- In safari jeep a soft top is so expensive, and cost a lot of money.
Beginning teacher doesn’t pay money to teach children
6-A jeep is prepared for the terrain. Beginning teachers are unprepared
for many things that are thrown at them their first year
Beginning teacher
fluctuated between feelings of "I got this!" And "I'm not prepared"

safari jeep
totally prepared for anything off roading wants to throw at me
A beginning teacher is like a roller coaster because both of them can cause mixed feelings fluctuating between excited, scared, happy, and feeling as though s/he is on an enormous journey. Teachers wait in line, preparing in college. They look at the ride and are excited and scared. Are they really ready for it? Both teachers and riders need to prepare and follow rules. Also, both will have unexpected turns, and at the end of the "ride" the teacher will be back in line all thrilled and excited to begin again in the fall
Beginning teacher is like roller coaster
Mary Dye
Teaching is like A Roller Coaster enjoy the ride or scream
Natalie Chillinsky
Cali Campillo,
Dalal Alenazi
Nichole Dravenstott
Rebecca Suhr
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