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using HF knowledge to analyse the supermarket layout.

Li Siyao

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of supermarket

System Test & Evalucation Human What doses the SUPERMARKET have to do: Auto-analysis
Visit manager
Reference black-box
supermarket Money Time Happiness Goods inputs system Goal 1 money
time Reduce money
time outputs system Goal 2 Happiness
Goods Enhance Happiness
Goods Definition: Supermarket is a system that customer pay less money and time to gain more goods and satisfication! Stage 1~~ performance list Part 1: Human~~

Part 2:Machine~~

Part 3:Environment~~ Stage 2~~ Workers: Guests(Student): shop easily and happily work efficiently and comfortably Machine One world One team Menbers:
Ewil Zheng(leader)
Mao Yue Sonia Lee
Wang Hao Cheng Yulei Sun Xiaoshun Supermarket System Design BY Find the Goal Performance list Analyse 1 2 5 Definition Stage 1 Stage 2 Collect Data Stage 3 3 4 Establish Standard Stage 4 7 Test
Evalucation Stage 5 Stage 7 Work efficiently
Usefull Music(Noise)
Floor & Wall
etc TVs , Air-conditions , Refrigerators,
Scanners , Computers , Soundboxs
Monitors etc.. Reference to <The design specifications of shop> 6 Stage 6 Improvement Human Machine Environment Feedback Feedforward stage 7~~ Environment
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