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Hye Camp Staff Presentation

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Hye Camp

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Hye Camp Staff Presentation

About the Property Our camp is located within five miles of the entrance to Kings Canyon and the Sequoia National Park, 35 miles east of Fresno.
Our property is 160 acres and is at an elevation of 4,400 feet. It offers a unique, serene retreat setting perfect for reflection.
There are twelve camper cabins located on “Camper Hill,” all surrounding the shared bathhouse. Counselors stay on this hill in cabins with their respective campers.
Five staff cabins are located near the Mess Hall, where everyone shares meals together. There are also rooms for staff located just off of the Mess Hall. A Video A Little Camp History The first session of camp took place in 1963 or 1964 at Dinky Creek with only 32 members in attendance. A unique bond was formed between these members and this little group, and the experiences they shared, became the mustard seed from which the current camp program developed.

The following year, and almost every subsequent year, camp took place at Camp Sugar Pine, until…

In December 1987, the Western Diocese purchased the camp we have today. Important Information and Dates Family Day will be held at camp on May 18th. We encourage any new campers or staff members to attend in order to get a feel for camp. Please sign up on the website.
Again, the dates for Camp 2013 are:
Week 1: July 14-July 20
Week 2: July 21-July 27
Week 3: July 28-August 3
Week 4: August 4-August 10
Applications will go live February 14th on the camp website at http://www.hyecamp.com/
April 30th is the priority registration deadline for both campers and staff, and May 31st is the last day to submit applications.
All staff who register before April 30th will receive email confirmation by May 15th, and may start online training that day if necessary.
There will be online training videos assigned to any new staff member attending a week at camp. These must be completed by June 15th.
All staff members are required to attend a training session. The primary training session will take place in the Los Angeles area (Location to be determined) on June 15th. Those who cannot attend this first session may attend the second one in Fowler on June 22nd.
While campers pay to attend camp, staff are not required to do so, but are encouraged to make a $125 donation. Donations are tax deductible.
Our camp is a tax exempt organization under IRC Section 501c3. Camp 2013 WE WANT YOU! We need STAFF MEMBERS!!!!!

To have four successful weeks of camp we need approximately 200 staff members to fill the various staff positions.

Please tell your family and friends! A Day at Camp Optional fishing in the morning
Morning Chapel at the Arbor
Cabin Clean Up/Staff Meeting
3 Class Sessions (Armenian Dance, Cooking, Music, Religious Courses, etc.)
Lunch and Rest Time
3 Sports Sessions (Lakeside, Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Archery, etc.)
Rest Time
Evening Chapel at the Arbor
Twilight Activity (Ice Cream Social, Night Hike, Armenian Dance, Talent Show, etc.)
Num Nums
Lights out
Staff Fellowship

*On Wednesday Night there is a themed dance! Staff Positions Counseling Staff Directing Staff The people assigned to these positions are selected by the Camp Committee.
Director: Plans and oversees every aspect of camp for the entire week.
Program Manager: Right hand person to the director. Serves as a liaison to the Program Staff.
Boys and Girls Deans: Are there to help and oversee all counseling staff and campers. Benefits to Serving as a Staff Member Making the week special for the campers.
Serving as a volunteer for a week. (We are more than happy to document volunteer hours for school or work.)
Spending a week away from the daily grind in a beautiful setting.
Making lifelong friendships, and gaining new and valuable experiences. Program Staff Arts and Crafts: Implement all arts and crafts projects and run arts and crafts classes. Must also assist campers with their projects and keep the arts and crafts area tidy.

Sports: In charge of all sports activities, including set up and clean up. Also in charge of the night hike and sports tournaments that take place Friday afternoon.

Evening Activities: Must be extremely enthusiastic and prepared to be super silly to encourage campers to be the same. In charge of campfires, talent show, dances, and other evening activities.

Hospitality: In charge of getting the campers in and out of the Mess Hall for meals in an orderly fashion. They oversee the cleanliness of the Mess Hall and work directly with the Kitchen Staff.

Kitchen Staff: Serve meals to all campers and staff. Also responsible for num nums and s'mores. Assist the cooks with daily meal preparation and work with the Hospitality Staff. Expectations for All Staff Being there for the kids, first and foremost. We are there to ensure they have a fun and safe week at camp!
Serving as a positive role model.
Staying on time. Camp runs on a very organized schedule.
Having a positive attitude.
All staff must be ready to help where needed. Most program staff members will be given secondary responsibilities.
All camp staff will receive a staff manual at the training session that takes place before camp. At the training session, staff members will learn more about what is expected of them, along with more information about their roles and assignments for the week. Camp Mission Statement The Diocese Summer Camp program has been created to nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of Armenian youth in a natural setting, providing a stimulating environment of community which inspires individual growth and the values of Christian Fellowship. Program Staff Continued... Hye Life Staff: In charge of creating and distributing a daily newsletter, while also in charge of creating and putting together the final keepsake edition of the Hye Life, which is given to everyone at the end of the week. Work with Office Staff.
Office Staff: In charge of all office duties, such as answering the phones, organizing and sorting mail, delivering messages to the staff, etc. Will work on the Hye Life as well.
Lifeguard: Must have current lake certification. Sees over all lakeside activity. Paid position. "Hye Camp" The dates for Camp 2013 are:
Week 1: July 14-July 20
Week 2: July 21-July 27
Week 3: July 28-August 3
Week 4: August 4-August 10
Applications will go live February 14th on the camp website at http://www.hyecamp.com/
Family Day will take place at camp on May 18th.
Each week on average has around 120 campers and 50 staff members.
Campers range in age from 8 to 17. All staff applicants MUST be 18 years of age or older. This includes both counseling and program staff positions. If you are currently 17, but will be 18 the day before your week of camp starts, you may still apply to be staff.
Everyone may only attend one week of camp.
If you do not wish to drive up to camp in your own vehicle, there is a bus that can take you from the San Fernando Valley or Bay Area for an additional fee. Counselors: Will be responsible for all campers entrusted to them. Will encourage the active participation of all their campers in all activities. Will set a good example and serve as a positive role model. With be with the campers at ALL TIMES. There are two counseling staff members assigned to each cabin. Questions? Thank you! We hope to
see you
at camp
this year! Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian
Armenian Church Summer Camp Catch Cabin Fever Night Watch: Responsibilities include maintaining the safety and welfare of all campers during the night hours. May sleep during the day.
Camp Photographer: Takes photographs of all campers, staff, and activities going on up at camp. Must edit and post photos to the camp website on a daily basis, while also helping with the Hye Life.
Nurse: Must be licensed. Attends to all camper ailments and needs. Paid position.
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