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Capstone - UAV

No description

LaRahia Smith

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Capstone - UAV

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The Debate Should the U.S. introduce UAVs into the NAS by 2015? Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act (2012) Safety: UAV enhance public safety
Rodney Brossart's arrest
aerial damage assessment tech.

Economy: creates opportunities
50,000 new jobs

Cost: much cheaper
$350,000 vs. $36 M

Promoters Unmanned Aerial Vehicles LaRahia Smith UVA = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Can assist with "x" social problems:
border patrol (improving coverage)
national disaster aid (essentials to affected)
disclosing marijuana fields
monitoring pipeleaks Should UAVs be introduced into the national airspace? - Issues:
Safety & Cost
The Economy

- "The Promoters"
Values: public safety, modernization & security

- "The Concerned"
Values: safety, civil liberties & right to privacy The Concerned Safety: spoofing

Cost: crash rate (100x) damages

Privacy: unique threat to privacy
The Winners. Promoters The Winner? Antoine Martin Promoter
Unmanned Vehicle Systems Consulting, LLC

"If people don't trust law enforcement, that's a bigger issue."
"In Europe the privacy laws are much more stringent than here, But they put UAVs under existing privacy laws and it’s not a big deal.
"We need to see UAVs as tools"
Todd Humphreys "The Concerned"
assistant professor of aerospace engineering
defending against GPS spoofing & jamming
"Spoofing is not easy. What we did took some years. He’s’ trying to down play things, I'm trying to point out that there are legitimate reasons for concern. And even though it’s a hard thing to do, hard things such as 9/11 happen "
Problem: FAA inaction

My Solution:

Write a letter to the FAA.
Prompted by Humphrey interview

"I understand that safety is a huge concern in the UAV debate... however, Americans need the FAA to be more involved than ever in the testing and research of unmanned aerial vehicles.

We mustn’t settle on the awareness that there are risks associated with UAVs.

Solutions must be formulated to combat these risks, and they should be sought as soon as possible." They're coming... And it's okay. Civic Engagementt
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