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Civil Rights

Black History

Taleah Jones

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights

Birmingham Campaign Events - Movement that brought attention to the unequal treated black Americans endured in Birmingham, Alabama. This movement was organized by the Souther Christian Leadership Conference. Civil Rights Act of 1964 -This was a federal law that outlawed racial segregation for employment, public places, and schools. Voting RIghts Act Of 1965 - This law was a Federal Law that outlawed descrimination at the voting booth by elimating the literacy tests as a requirement to vote. White Flight - This term was used to desribe when the white families started to move out of the middle-class neighborhoods just because African-Americans started to move in and this led into the civil rights legeslation. People Thurgood Marshall - First African-American to serve on the Supreme Court. Martin Luther King Jr. - He was an activist and leader in the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks - She was a civil rights leader that refused to obey the bus driver that she give up her seat to a white passenger. Malcom X - He was an African-American Muslim, minister public speaker, and human rights activist. Organizations NAACP - Civil Rights organization in the United States that ensured the political, social, educational, and the economic equality of rights of everyone and it eliminated racial disrcimination and racial hatred. SNCC - When a group of African-American college students refused to leave a a lunch counter where they had been denied any service. SCLC - It was an American Civil Rights organization that had a very large role in making the Civil Rights movement a non-violent effort. KKK - KKK was a "The Klan" that used terrorism, violence, and lynching to murder and/or hurt the African-Americans, Jews, and any other miniorties. Strategies Freedom Rides - A freedom ride was a protest by white and black people in the early 1960's who rode buses through the south so that they could test the compliance that they had with the segregated buses. Sit-Ins - This was part of the civil rights movement when black people would sit in a white only place and they wouldnt move when they were asked. Montgomery Bus Boycott -This was a political and social protest campaign that was to oppose the cities policy of racial segregation on it's public transit system. Civil Disobedience - This is the refusal to obey certain laws, and commands of a government, of an international power, using no form of violence. Ghandi was a figure known worldwide for advocating non-violent civil obedience.
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