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Education on the Frontier (Ch 10)

No description

Jessica Abshire

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Education on the Frontier (Ch 10)

Education on the Frontier
Settlers were busy with the struggle to survive & had little time for formal education.

Taught the necessities:
how to build a cabin
plant a garden & hunt
make clothes
repair broken tools
As the need to
deeds, sign legal papers, and
understand math

became important, attitudes towards education changed.
Earthen Floor
Large Fireplace/Stove
Greased Paper on Windows

Slates with Chalk
One Teacher & Students of different ages
Schoolmaster would have to sign contract.
Private Schooling
In the tidewater area of Virginia (eastern VA), many plantation owners would hire tutors.
Tutors could earn $50 a year.

The hiring of tutors lead to the establishment of private schools.
Improving Education
Thomas Jefferson encouraged improvements in formal education. He believed a democracy would only work if the citizens were educated!

Literary Fund - Basis for state supported school. State was divided into districts & 3 cents was provided a day to ensure education of students that could not afford the usual fees.

District Free Schools Act - Provided state funds for district schools
Higher Education
Academies for older pupils began to open.
* Colleges, seminaries, or high schools

Tuition had to be paid for instruction/room & bedding

Schools that started as academies and remain today include.....
- Marshall Academy = Marshall University
- Woodburn Female Seminary & Monongalia Academy = WVU
*Bethany College is the oldest college in our state
Education in the
Mountain State

Early Schools
One-Room Schoolhouse
Nearly all the teachers were male = Schoolmaster
Move toward "formal education" encouraged by the church.
*Must be able to read Bible & record family information

As towns grew, the settlers worked together to build schools for their communities.
Subscription Schools - parents pay $2 a month or barter

There were over 4,000 one-room schoolhouses in WV before development of county system
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