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Blackboard in the Flipped Classroom

Blackboard in the Flipped Classroom Training This presentation elaborates methods for using Blackboard in conjunction with a flipped strategy to deliver instructional materials online, reserving face-to-face classroom time for hands-on practice an

Bj Kitchin

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Blackboard in the Flipped Classroom

Flipping may not be the answer to
every pedagogical problem out there.
What's Flipping?
essentially, a flipped classroom moves lectures to homework and hands-on activity to the classroom.
Where does Bb fit in?
manage video content using your Learning Management System
embed videos to avoid the "doorway" phenomenon
use Bb collaborative tools to activate videos
enable building blocks for interactive & video content
enable mash-ups
use the "webcam" text editor option
limit the frequency of "going off Blackboard"
How do I flip?
create or reuse videos specifically for online students
find audio-video assets, readings, games, web tools, or learning "objects" to "send home"
prepare lively f2f activities for application, discussion, and evaluation
Supporting Flippers
Blackboard in the Flipped Classroom
What's Flipping?
Why Flip a class?
How do I Flip it?
Flipping on Blackboard
Learning to Teach with Flippers
Why Flip?
Why NOT Flip? Here's why...
Gaps in digital literacy
Do students need more screen time?
Limited access to tools needed to view videos
Students don't always understand the value of in-class, hands-on training (paradigm shift)


To flip?
Or not to flip?
It may be time to flip when...

it really does need to be a lecture
you're using a "master this first, then that" design
complex concepts need time to "sink in" before application
you want to develop self-directed, or "exploratory" learning skills, too
technology is easily accessible to everyone
additional resources:


& Activated
...so it's easy to watch
...so it isn't passive like traditional tv
...to keep the "web user's" attention span
...to help online learners recognize that you are speaking to them (not a former class)
What do I need to know? What do my students need to know?
In most cases, one size will not fit "all"
Easy To Create & Purposive:
Flip w/a Preexisting Video:
Blackboard in the Flipped Classroom
Web 2.0
Video Everywhere
& Mashups
Stone, B. B. (2012). Flip Your Classroom to Increase Active Learning and Student Engagement. Retrieved from: http://www.uwex.edu/disted/conference/Resource_library/proceedings/56511_2012.pdf
Flip Your Classroom to Increase Active Learning and Student Engagement.
Video Design Principles: GLASSES
Everything Aligned to Learning Objectives
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