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The Pioneer Schoolhouse

The pioneer schoolhouse was a one room class for all the village children. It was much different than schools are today

cheryl manley

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The Pioneer Schoolhouse

by Daniel Hamilton The Pioneer Schoolhouse The Building The first schoolhouse was made of logs.
The parents had to make it and pay for everything.
It was kept warm by a wood stove. The Teachers The teachers had to keep the room tidy and warm.
They were strict. The Students The students had to obey teachers, help each other,
be quiet and tidy. Their homemade lunch included
bread, meat, cheese, eggs, cookies, fruit and milk. Learning Students had to learn the 3 R's
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.
They had to use a slate or ink and quill pens. The Outhouse A small building outside was the bathroom. The End
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