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Public Education In Hawaii

No description

Cassidy Pasion

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Public Education In Hawaii

Problem Public Policy Solutions Public Education - School funding from state taxes.

- Special Education mandated in public schools.

- School faculty must care for student social ills. Created By: Cassidy Pasion, Jade Bowers, Nikki Uehara Raise teachers salaries.
Provide schools with better funding.
Stronger principals.
End to unfunded mandates.
Provide quality early childhood education.
Incentives for families to choose public schools.
Use qualitative evaluation along with quantitative. Not enough funding to support the school
Not enough days for school (Furlough Fridays)
Teachers are not paid enough
Some children have social ills
Special education taking money from school fund
"White Flight"
Weak principals
Not a strong school district SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLS!!!
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