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Successful Onboarding: A Book Review

No description

Lauren Hurley

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Successful Onboarding: A Book Review

Mission and vision
Makes company unique
Reflects how people think and behave
Language, artifacts, style
Performance Values
"Irony of Norms" Early Career Support Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Onboarding Successful Objectives Xavier University 3800 Victory Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45207 Some theoretical arguments lacked research, relied heavily on case studies
Practicality issues
Six sigma issues
Repetitive Cons Pros Sometimes used data to support their arguments (ROI)
Examples from leading companies
They practice what they preach
Easy to understand
Good message about the value of HR and human capital Don't forget your training presentation! I Overview
Pros and cons
Recommendations Mark A. Stein
Lilith Christiansen Orientation vs. Onboarding Focus
Length of time The problem... 1/3 of new hires no longer with organizations after two years
Less than 1/3 of execs have positive onboarding experiences
Almost 1/3 of employees searching for new job after 6 months A Book Review Business Case for Onboarding Decrease attrition Decrease time to productivity Increase productivity Onboarding Margin Four Pillars 1) Cultural Mastery
2) Interpersonal Network
3) Early Career Support
4) Strategy Psychological
Contract Psychological
Contract Cultural
Mastery Recommendations Cultural Audit
Data gathering activities
Catalogue key aspects of culture
Analyze results Framing Messages
Use simple language
Use mentors
Interactive technology
Reinforce message
Use branding
Take it to the field Interpersonal network development Internal Professional Networks
Internal Personal Networks
External Personal Networks
External Professional Networks Recommendations Affinity groups
Leverage resources in community
Build stakeholder maps
Small groups
Remediation Recommendations Systematize career conversations
Be authentic
"Amp" up PA
Career development plans
Collaborate T& D
Class Strategy "Win plan"
Operating conditions Share
Priorities My Recommendations Rely less on case studies and more on research
Streamline (almost 300 pgs!)
Try to avoid buzz words/coining words Questions? Recommendations
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