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The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

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The Master Presentero

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

The Battle Of Vimy Ridge: A Canadian Victory For Us All
Who Led the Battle of Vimy Ridge?
One of the greatest battles in WW1 was the battle of Vimy Ridge and was Led on the British/Canadian side was Sir Julian Byng, and the Leader of the Germans was Ludwig Von Falkenhausen. The Commander who led the Canadians was Arthur Currie.
What Happened during the Battle of Vimy Ridge
When did the battle of Vimy Ridge take place?
The Battle started April 9, 1917 and was taken victorious by the Canadians on April 12th, 1917.
Where was the battle taken place?
It was mainly fought in parts of the battle of Arras in the Nord-Pas-De-Celais in the region of France.
Why was it so important that the ridge was taken?
The Ridge was one of Germany's most important bases, if it was broken through, the enemy could take a route that would eventually lead into Germany, so the allied forces put all their might into taking that ridge to further increase their chances of winning the war.
How was the ridge taken?
The Battle Of Vimy Ridge was one of the
most famous battles fought for the canadians,
Arthur Currie, the commander for the Canadian Corps, started to create a strategy for the battle and how to capture the ridge because the Canadians were one of the groups assigned to take that ridge, Arthur Currie decided to create a mock ridge and have his soldiers rehearse that one before moving on to the real ridge, when the Corps had the fake ridge perfected, they were sent to take the real one using their stratagy, when they were sent in, they took the ridge and claimed it victorious for Canada, showing that they could complete the impossible, and capture the ridge without the British command.
It took lots of strategy to complete the almost impossible task, Arthur Currie created a plan to take the ridge where the soldiers followed directly behind an infantry barrage which reduced the casualties, but not by much. They had every soldier equipped with a map also in case the officer died. Also, the canadians developed a system of placing specialists in Machine Guns, Grenades, and Rifles in a single platoon, these platoons were sent in and attacked in a way that they could cover their own troops at the same time so everyone was covering each other.
The Different Themes Involved with Canadian History and Vimy Ridge
The Themes That I Found are:
Canadian Nationalism and Politics
International Relations
Economy, Business, and Industry
Science and Tech
English-French Relations
What Would Have Happened If The Canadians Could Not Take Vimy Ridge?
If the Canadians attack was not successful,
then this could have been the very destruction of Canada's Army for good, because this battle was the first time all of Canada's divisions were sent in to this battle and fought all at once, so it was very important that the Canadians end up Victorious.
Primary Sources
The Map Below is the map that the soldiers used
to navigate and to determine where to attack during the battle of Vimy Ridge.
The Images on the Right are showing
what Vimy Ridge looks like today and what it looked like during the battle.
Thesis Statement
By Zayd Salter
CHC2D Canadian History
Teacher: Mr. Craigs
Date: November 4, 2013

Canadian Nationalism and Politics and
how it is related to Vimy Ridge
The Battle of Vimy Ridge is related
a lot with Canadian Nationalism
because that victory showed Britain
that Canada can fight independently
too. This victory also started the major change in Canada's Independence as a country away from Britain.
Canadian/British International Relations
Before the battle, Canada was linked to
Britain and would help serve with them
during the war, during the battle, the Canadians were fighting along side the British but the Canadians became a separate platoon under the Command of Arthur Currie and Sir Julian Byng. After the battle, Currie's men led the Canadian Corps to Victory and Canada started to become more independent. During the war, Britain and Canada had very close ties at the beginning than they did at the end. Even then, they were still major trading partners and were close in other ways.
Many Casualties happened in this brutal bloodbath, but the Canadians still fight on with the plan that Arthur Currie created. The Battle Of Vimy Ridge is one of the biggest battles that Canada ever fought,and brought great victory to Canada, and the beginning of its Nationhood.I think that this battle was one of Canada's greatest accomplishments, and that the plan that Arthur Currie created worked. Also, if Currie did not think of that plan and had not put it into place, then Canada's army at the time would have been in a lot of trouble. It's army, probably would have been destroyed, and Canada might not have gained its recognition in the end.
Economy, Business, and Industry
During the war, all industries and business'
was geared towards the war, factories were
assigned to make guns, ammo, vehicles and all sorts of machines that could be used, propaganda was up wanting volunteers and Conscription was in place, the major economy was all centered towards the war effort.
Science and Technology
Lots of different technology was used for the battle of vimy ridge. Tunnel systems were dug under the ridge to avoid artillery, tons of tunnels that were used to bring back wounded troops and to house from artillery shelling, these tunnels were as large as five kilometers in length and were very useful, they also had communication, telephone lines were in the tunnels too. New forms of weaponry were being used also, the Germans, French, and British used mines as large forms of attack, they would dig holes in the ground and place explosive charges and blow up trenches, creating huge craters as part of the new battlefield.
English and French Relations and how it is related to the battle of Vimy Ridge
Britain and France before the war, were very separate and did not work as one, but later in the war, during the battle of Vimy Ridge, the two countries banded together to fight in this battle and helped create a very important victory.
Women during the war played a huge part, especially during the battle of Vimy Ridge. While all the men were fighting in the war, women were working in the factories creating bombs, grenades, artillery shells, guns, etc. This was a very dangerous job and helped a lot in the battle to supply troops with fresh gear.
Aboriginals were very useful during the battle of Vimy Ridge, they put their messages in their language and transferred messages to other troops. In the battlefield, they were guarded and protected because of their good use, if one of the aboriginals were captured, they would kill themselves in order to not lose information.
Should we as Canadians be proud of this victory?
I think that we as Canadians should be very proud of this victory, because it shows that we don't need the British to fight with us and that we can fight as us, not as Britain, and that we can fight just as well as Britain, and are a very powerful country and can do anything.
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