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Copy of plac

No description

Gez Roberts

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of plac

Moving to resilience away from dependency

Stimulating local initiatives to allow people to live independently at home

Strong demand for the community locally to support themselves.

Finding ways to connect to this - volunteering, Friends Groups for parks, libraries, flood wardens

Demand Management: A Whole Council Approach
Robin Tuddenham
Director of Communities and Business Change

Our Council Ambition, core priorities include

Sustainability -
Managing demand
and investing for the future

Resilience - Supporting personal, community and environmental

Delivery focus

180+ colleagues achieved internal accreditation so far

Look inside the organisation - harness emerging practice
Corporate Transformation
We will focus on peoples abilities...we will not assume that they need the Council to arrange services for them.
Thank You
Identify your key "sprints"
As parents we were worried....but the travel team were professional and reassuring...when we saw him walking home on his first unaccompanied journey his face was beaming....we knew we had made the right decision
Home To School Transport
Access Team – deliver for vulnerable children

Genuine consultation -
transport a key
to accessing further education, leisure and employment opportunities.

Independent Travel Scheme

confidence and self belief – social skills for whole life -

travel methods e.g. learning to drive

Reduction in specialist vehicle fleet and scheduled journeys -
shaping demand

base budget
as a result of savings made.

Improved engagement/conversation with parents and other partners.
I never thought he would be able to travel independently ....it will open up so many doors for him
Understand the motivations and behaviours of customers

Target communications

Behaviour change within the organisation

Customer Insight

Randomised Control Trials (RCT)

Supporting Community Action

Key critical community
"anchor organisations"
- IET/Fire/Water

Financial Resilience - Credit Union, CAB and helping to secure funding/resources - Our Place.

Living Well Agenda - tackling

Adults Health & Social Care vision risk enablement approach to support independence

Telling The Story
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