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Worst Jobs in the Medieval Times

By: Yasmin Gonzalez

Yasmin Gonzalez

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Worst Jobs in the Medieval Times

Worst Jobs in the Medieval Times
By: Yasmin Gonzalez 1.) Leech Collector In order to collect leeches, women had put their legs into water and allow leeches to suck on their legs. After about 30 minutes, the leeches would eventually fall off .However, this job was really dangerous because of the high amount of blood loss. 2.) Tallow Chandler 3.) The Fuller 4.) The Tanner 5.) The Treadmill Operator Blind people had to walk on a giant hamster wheel to move a winch on a crane. This job was dangerous because it was located at the highest point. And if the wheel somehow got damaged, then it would come crashing down. Tallow is the fat of the animals that is scraped off and delivered to the chandler. The tallow is then used to make candles or soap. This job was bad because of the disgusting smell of the animal fat. Tanners were highly skilled workers, whose job was to make leather. In order to make the leather, the tanner had to use animal hides an soak it into urine. The Fullers job was to wash out the grease and impurities from newly woven woolen cloth. In order to do this, women had to put the cloth in a bucket full of urine and stomp on it for a few hours. When the cloth was ready, it was to be rinsed and hanged outside to dry. Work Cited:
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