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Canadian Pacific Railway

No description

Jaidan `Twells

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Pacific Railway

By:Danyal, Shawn and Jaidan The Canadian Pacific Railway What is the Canadian Pacific Railway? Why was the Canadian Pacific Railway Built? Who Built it? Issues that were Faced When was it built and Where? -The purpose of this railway was to replace older less efficient means of travel
-It was believed that if it was easier to access the Territories more people will go and live their
-To stop Canadians from depending on the United states to travel
-To increase the new countries economy
-To bring more money than was used to build it
To have more people from else where to be interested in moving to Canada so that Canada can afford to stay out of debt -Chinese immigrants were used as slaves to build the railway
-Many of the workers died working because it was dangerous to build the railway over hills and through different terrain
-Workers often fell of the cliffs while working
-A new company called Canadian Pacific Limited was in charge of building the Railway
-These Chinese immigrants were used because the work was extremely dangerous and no one wanted to do it, and the countries population was also to low for them to complete it themselves
-The Chinese workers were only paid 75 cents to a dollar per day for food and clothes and other necessities
-White workers were paid 1-2 dollars per day and were provided necessities -The railway cost too much for the new country to afford
-Many citizens were upset that all the money was going towards a vision that they believed could not become a reality The government gave the railway 24 million dollars in order to complete the project
-The 25 million dollars proved to be way to little a little while after it was provided to the construction
-Money was requested from the government multiple times In order to complete the construction of the railway
-Canadian Pacific Limited was give 10 million hectares of land which is equivalent to 24710538.15 acres to create the railway
-They were also given Tariff free railway materials
-The government provided them a 20 year manoply over the land -The Canadian Pacific Railway is a transcontinental rail way that goes from Canada's east coast to west
-It was a way for people to travel more efficiently across the country
-The railway made communication between the different provinces easier
-Trade was increased within the country because trade agreement with U.S had ended
-It is a railway that goes from B.C to the Montreal
-The railway made access to the territories easier Famous Figure Involved With The CPR Donald Smith

* This name is a very famous name, when someone talks about the CPR. He was born on August, 6, 1820. He was a subsequently a leading figure in the creation of the CPR and later on became a director of organization. Donald Smith on November 7th 1885 drove the last spike to complete the creation of the CPR

George Stephen

* Born on June 5 1829. Was famous because he was a Railway Executive in Canada. He became the first president of the CPR in 1880. Sir George Stephen was a very generous man, he donated almost more than 1 million dollars to charity. He was know as the best business man because of how he got the CPR out of financial problems. THE END The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) started its construction in Montreal in 1881
The (CPR) first train was made in Port Moody, BC June 30, 1886
The (CPR) ended in Port Moody, BC
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