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Simul8 Projects


kevin rundblad

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Simul8 Projects

Current Projects

First 2 months
And understanding the
Research & Writing Process
Improving Library Services
and Interfaces with
Student Perspective
Interface Mockups
Cool Iris Enabled Collections
1. Scan Book Pages (Pages up through TOCs)
2. Upload to Server
3. Automated OCR processing
1. Scan Book Pages
2. Upload to Server
3. System matches cataloger's language skills and needs
Beijing Cataloger has 50 English books
UCLA Cataloger has 50 Chinese books
Each catalogs their own native language
What is it?
A cataloging
language barter system
Experimentation with APIs
Language Exchange for Catalogers
(based on ICON backend)
Automated System for Basic Cataloging
(ICON project)
User Research
Student Personas
Navigating Large Image Collections
Planned Wire Frame for Development
Saves time
Makes items discoverable quickly
APIs and Mashups
WorldCat, LibraryThing, Amazon, Google Books, IMDB
Query suggestions in WorldCat

Belvyl Developer Wiki:

The current plan is to offer additional data whenever a user looks at a book while browsing Melvyl. That will include related books, existing reviews of the title and average reader rating.
API built for loading imagery into prototype interface
Other API Planning

- Reviews and Ratings from LibraryThing/Amazon
- Deep search into Google Books Full Text
- Mashup of Digital Library Imagery with IMDB
and other data sources
Moodle Library Widget Interface Work
($1K funding source from CCLE Grant)

- User Interaction Modeling
- Interface aesthetics
- Implementing JavaScript Frameworks
and AJAX interactions
Summer Projects
Library Interactive Map
Web Proxy Experimentation
Creating a transparent entry into
UCLA Library Collections
1. User clicks on Resource
2. Login with Shibboleth
3. User routed through Library server
to bypass need for proxy config or VPN
One of the top questions in Fall quarter
is how to access resources off campus
Result: no need for user to jump
through hoops to configure their
browser or install VPN Client
Menu Bar Navigation System Development
MoMA Example
Wire Framing and Information Architecture of Web Site
- Planning IA for most used resources
- Charting out critical user paths
- Informed by user research and personas
Result: development of site information
and functionalities, from User perspective

- User Research Ethnography and Personas
- Mockups for Image Navigation
- Creating Working Prototype for Image Nav
- Automated Cataloging System (ICON)
- Language Exchange Cataloging System Planning
- API Experimentation
- Web Proxy Experimentation

- Moodle Interface Work
- Library Map Project for Redesign
- Research Menu Bar Navigation for Redesign
- Wire Framing and IA for Redesign

Summer Work in Process
3 month Work Summary
"Belvyl Project"
(Experiment with information layers over Melvyl)
Scanning/OCR Experiments
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