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Social Work Values and Ethics

No description

Douglas Eacho

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Social Work Values and Ethics

Social Work Values and Ethics
Ethics vs Values
involve principles that specify what is good and what is bad. They clarify what should and should not be done.
The NASW Code of Ethics
Social Work Core Values
Social Justice
Dignity and Worth of the Person
Importance of Human Relationships
Personal vs Professional Values
An ongoing task for social workers is to identify their own values and distinguish between those and their professional values .
Identifying Personal Values Activity
Wolves represent an urban agenda thrust upon ranchers and a threat to rural livelihoods. Idaho's wolf population should be eradicated.
involve what is considered important and what is not. They concern making judgments about right and wrong.
Six purposes of the
Code of Ethics...
ethical dilemmas-
problematic situations in which one must make a difficult choice among two or more alternatives
Ethics describes a generally accepted set of moral principles
Values describes individual or personal standards of what is valuable or important.
Wolves deserve federal protection and have a right to inhabit the land. There is never a justification for hunting or killing a wolf.
You will:
express your opinion about the controversial issue
debate your stance with persons assuming other positions
assess the strength of your reactions during this debate
Now, discuss:
What are personal values and opinions concerning the issue?
How strong are your opinions concerning the issue?
How difficult is it to tolerate opposing opinions?
To what extent would it be difficult for you to work with others holding opposing opinions?
are the goal of ethical responsibilities
A system of moral principles about right and wrong and the resulting philosophy of conduct
(NASW, 1999, p. 3)

“Ethical responsibilities flow
from all human relationships,
from the personal & familiar
to the social & professional”

Social work ethics

Why do we have a Code of Ethics?
Social Workers' Ethical Responsibilities:
Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Reamer's Ethical Decision Making Steps
1. Identify the ethical issues, including the social work values and duties that conflict.

2. Identify the individuals, groups, and organizations that are likely to be affected by the ethical decision.

3. Tentatively identify all possible courses of action and the participants involved in each, along with the possible benefits and risks for each.

4. Thoroughly examine the reasons in favor of and opposed to each possible course of action.

5. Consult with colleagues and appropriate experts.

6. Make the decision and document the decision-making process.

7. Monitor and evaluate the decision.
Code of Ethics Activity
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