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Superior Seamless Exteriors

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Superior Seamless Exteriors

What's Your Message?
Market Research

Winkler & RM of Stanely ONLY:

5989 private dwellings

34% of house built prior to 1981

37% plan to renovate in the next year

Average renovation budget: $20,400
Marketing Strategy
Superior Seamless Exteriors
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Marketshare
per week
million dollars
per year

It's Effective & Personal
Your potential customers spend more time with radio and online than any other type of local media
92% of adults listen to radio an average of 20+ hours per week
The Eagle, Country 107, CFAM & Classic 107 have a personal and local connection with our audience
It's Sound
Why Radio?
7 per day

Increase Marketshare = Increased Profits For You

Be Known as "Home exterior specialists"

Increase Top of Mind Awareness

(2011 Stats Can)
(2011 Stats Can)
(2013 CIBC Financial Report)
(2013 CIBC Financial Report)
Generate new customers
Great Top of Mind AWARENESS
Build Superior image
The Pembina Valley is GROWING

Percentage of population growth 2006 to 2011
Data from Statistics Canada Census
How Superior Seamless Exteriors can......
What's Your Message?
What's Your Message?
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