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Copy of Using Pinterest For Business

An eBusiness Club presentation

eBusiness Club

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Using Pinterest For Business

Using Pinterest For Business
Some Interesting Facts & Figures
80% of Pins are REPINS
200,000 Active Pinterest Users In UK
29% in the Highest Income Bracket
786% Increase in traffic from Sep 2011 - Sep 2012
Went from 901,761 to 7,985,316
2-3x More engagement than Twitter WAS
98 Minutes per month spent on average on the site per user
Tips For Businesses

80% Of Pins Are REPINS
Add Calls To Action To Your Pins (Visit, Repin etc.)
Any Questions?


Source: www.Econsultancy.com
What is Pinterest?
A Social Scrapbook
Changes focus from "Look At Me" to "Look At This"
Pinterest Allows You To.....
Collate & categorise anything visually appealing from across the internet
Define your Brand
Expose the person / people behind your business (humanize)
Demonstrate your expertise & credibility
First things to consider
Write an interesting profile
Look at what your competitors are doing
Add your website & verify
Ensure each board title is informative
Ensure file names you upload are descriptive
Edit pins & link back to your website
Board Ideas
How to....(solve a common problem)
Showcase you products (and others)
Infographics & simple data
Themed boards
Price boards
Story boards (company history)
Content curation
Pinterest Newsfeed / Wall
The anatomy of a pin
Pinning from the web
Pinning From The Web - Choices of Pins
How Pinterest Differs From Facebook
Joining Pinterest
Joining Pinterest
Joining Pinterest
Verify Your Website
Account Set Up
Account Explanation
Building Your Network
Creating Your First Pinboard
Naming Your Pinboard
Things To Consider When Naming Your Board
What might people be searching for?
Could you get any SEO value?
Try to use keywords in your board titles
Use keywords in your board descriptions
Create boards that LOOK interesting JUST from their title
Create branded boards i.e. My Perfect ......
Choose your Category
Board Ideas
Ideas Boards
Inspirational Boards
Helpful Hints
Craft Ideas
Design Ideas
"How To" Boards
Content Curation Boards
Infographics / Data Boards
Ebooks / Whitepapers (covers)
Testimonial Boards / Customer Boards
User Generated Boards
Video Boards
Video Board - How To Use
Company Personality Boards
Up to date Boards & Other Ideas
Company History Boards
Hints & Tips Board
Build Brand Loyalty & Trust
Behind the scenes
Current employees
Office parties
Staff meetings
Events & Exhibitions
Bring a pet to work days
Just staff pets
Meet the team
Building Your Brand / Company Trust
Demonstrate your company history
Establishes a "personal" connection
Establishes credibility (i.e. not a fly by night)
Show business personality (& humour)
Illustrate products & services (old & new)
Staff changes (implied growth?)
Company evolution (office 1, office 2 etc)
Company evolution (logo revisions?)
Company evolution (website revisions?)
Company evolution (packaging / product changes?)
Engagement Reward / User Generated Board Ideas
Where to Board Ideas
Local Pinterest Users Boards
Pinterest Analytics
Final Thoughts...
Pins have a longer shelf life than Tweets & Facebook Posts
Less likely to "lose" followers if you don't follow back
Pin descriptions (and image files) are vitally important when people "search"
Change your cover photos on each board to be relevant (& awesome)
Reorder your boards so that they are the most relevant to your audience
Have FUN!!

48.7 Million Users
2.5 Billion Monthly Page Views
14.2 Minutes spent on Pinterest Per Visit
98 Minutes average time spent on Pinterest per month
9 Million users have connected it to their Facebook Profile
To me, boards are a very human way of seeing the world. Pinterest is about helping people discover things they didn't know they wanted - things that feel like they've been handpicked just for you
Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann
70 Million Users
45% of new users registered in June 2013 were outside of the US
Non US users likely to surpass US figures within 18 months
Activity still much higher in US
Source: http://semiocast.com/en/publications/2013_07_10_Pinterest_has_70_million_users
Source: http://semiocast.com/en/publications/2013_07_10_Pinterest_has_70_million_users
Source: http://semiocast.com/en/publications/2013_07_10_Pinterest_has_70_million_users
Secret Board Ideas
Product Research: Photos, Articles, Ideas
Personal Journal: Pin A Photo everyday & thoughts
Getting Feedback: On a design, idea etc
Documenting: Pictures of how you did something
Notes to self: Reminders, Bookmarks, Stuff to read
Collaboration: Team Projects, Visual Ideas
"But I don't have any images"
What a GREAT idea..
Still not convinced?
Go to www.pinterest.com/source/<your website>
We did when we were trying to get our client on to Pinterest
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