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by Fancy and Milyon

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of by Fancy and Milyon

Colonial New Jersey and Pennsylvania
by Fancy and Milyon
New Jersey was founded by sir George Carteretand lord Berkeley
Fun Facts
Pennsylvania was named by King Charles II and new jersey was named after the british island of jersey. Here is a famous Pennsylvania folk song "my Pennsylvania home
New Jersey was founded in 1664 by Sir Geoge Carteret and Lord John Berkley,the land was granted to the men by the duke of york who had taken control of New Netherland [including New Amsterdam which was renamed New York] followed much later by Pennsylvania in 1682 founded by William Penn
Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania were both in the Middle Colonies and had many religions such as Quakers , Jews, Presbyterians,and Baptists for New Jersey and Catholics and Lutherans for Pennsylvania
New Jersey was Known for there Mountains in the Northeast and Lowlands from lake Ontario along the Canadian border,as for Pennsylvania ,They have lots of Mountains and Beautiful Coastal Plain

New Jersey and Pennsylvania were referred to as Breadbasket colonies because they grew so many crops ,especially wheat, it was grounded into flour at old flower mills and shipped to England,plus ,a typical farm was 50 - 150 acres consisting of a house, barn, yard, and fields
coastal plain
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