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Skiing and Snowboarding

No description

Cooper Mills

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and Snowboarding
Snow Boarding
History of Skiing
Started 1965
Invented by Sherman Poppen
First called snurfer
Made for Sherman's daughter as a present
2 skies joined together





Skiing used by stone age hunters in 8000 BC before being used for fun
Telemark area of Norway contributed a lot in making skiing a big sport
First skiing race events started early 1800s
Skiing grew more popular in England when they found out about how much fun the Norwegians were having
1924 first skiing event in winter olympics
In the 1930s alpine skiing popular in England
Skiing now enjoyed winter sport all around the globe
Beginning of snowboarding
Fun Facts
The word "ski" originates from the Norwegian word "skio" meaning piece of wood
Late 1900c skiing considered man sport
First recorded ski race in Sweden in 1879
Every year 350 million people visit ski resorts around the world!
Skiing takes a moderate effort but you can burn 350-400 calories an hour
40 states in USA have ski resorts
The first real snowboard was made on the
first of January 1977. It was made by Jake Burton, later to lead to the company of Burton Snowboards
In 1979 the first world snurfing competition was held
In 1983 snowboarding was recognized an official sport
In 1998 snowboarding became an Olympic Sport

Types of skiing
Half pipe
Back country
Olympic sport
Alpine Ski Racing
Freestyle Ski Racing
Nordic Combined Competition
Ski Jumping
Types of snowboarding
Now onto Snowboarding
Some of the brands
You have made it down the mountain. Using two of the most efficient and fun ways to travel on and across snow!
Some of the proffesionals
Thank you!
Torah bright
Created by:
Seb Law and Cooper Mills
Half pipe
Cross country
Free ride
Shaun white
Ski Brands
Professional Aussies!
Our own Shore boy!!! He came 10th in
the winter para olympics snowboard cross
Ben Tudhope

Alex (Chumpy) Pullin
Bree Munro
Dale Begg-Smith
David Morris
Elizabeth Gardner
Jacqui Cooper
Time to slide down the mountain but which form of transport will you choose?
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