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The Relationship Between Career Development & Employer Relations

In this presentation, I go over the basics of collegiate career development, employer relations and best practices on how the two can work together using examples from the UCLA Career Center, UGA Career Center and others.

Laura Ledgerwood Garcia

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The Relationship Between Career Development & Employer Relations

The Relationship Between
Career Development & Employer Relations

Laura Garcia
Career Consultant

Career Development
Employer Relations
Employer Relations
Best Practices
Career Development
Employer Relations
Bring employers to campus to directly connect with students

Help secure engaging speakers

Set yearly employer relations goals
Career Counselors
Mock Interviews
Career/Personality Assessments
Career Information
Grad School Planning
Career Fairs
On Campus Interviews
Corporate Sponsorships
Job Search
Assessment driven workshops
and counseling sessions

Share college-specific student stories

Creatively communicate

Targeted resources
Connect with Me
Manage employer partnerships
Generate job leads for students
Super - 5 Life & Career Development Stages Theory
Krumboltz - Happenstance Theory
NACE Award Winners
Look to the leaders and benchmark
NACE Innovation Excellence Award Winner - Penn Career Day
UCLA Student Body
Very diverse

Large liberal arts population

Highly technical undergraduate and graduate degrees
Targeted resources
Employer Relations
Share reporting-employment data and hiring trends
Prezume: http://bit.ly/prezumegarcia
1. What do you think UCLA does really well?

2. Are there any areas of improvement?

3. How could some of these programs and best practices or others be implemented at UCLA?
students with employers
Link employers to faculty and staff
Reflecting on the relationship between employer relations and career development...
Engaging Workshops
NACE Recruitment Resources
Understand recruiters' perspectives

Advise employers on best practices based on NACE standards
Employer Breakfasts
Terry Treks
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