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Does literacy improve brain function? Does it also entail lo

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Sara Wettekin

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Does literacy improve brain function? Does it also entail lo

How Learning to Read Changes the Cortical Networks for Vision and Language
- nov 2010

prezi by @sarawettekin
essential question
Does literacy improve brain function?

Neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene and her fellow scientists measured the brain responses of 63 Portuguese and Brazilian participants to spoken and written language, visual faces, houses and various tools using functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). In total, 10 volunteers were illiterate, 22 became literate as adults and 31 had learnt to read in childhood.


neuroscientist: Stanislas Dehaene

The results showed that they all displayed more responses to written words in several areas of their brains which process what we see. In just the literate people, written words also triggered brain activity in parts of the left temporal lobe that respond to spoken language.

According to the team, this suggests that reading uses brain circuits that evolved to support spoken language, a much older innovation in human communication.
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