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Map of my Life

Short interpretation of my life

Christelle Pagonis

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Map of my Life

By Christelle Pagonis
Map Of My Life
When you hop on this boat, you take a trip into MY WORLD!
Set the sails!
We've got a long journey ahead.
Let's start from the very beginning...
My Family :)
The beach called my name as the sun looked more and more inviting. I ran along the beach, feeling the soft sand between my toes and the wind whispering in my ear. The waves breaking on the rocks were cymbals in the ocean band, and the clouds were cotton candy in the sky. I've never felt so peaceful and ecstatic in my entire life. Then he appeared like an angel fallen from heaven, his eyes as blue as the deep sea and blonde hair as striking as the sun. He was walking towards me, each step as light as a feathers'. He caressed my arm and I fell into a pool of ecstasy but I managed to stay on my feet. He looked me in eyes and I looked back into his gorgeous, deep, blue eyes and he whispered in my ear " Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." I froze completely fallen in my own wave of love... drowning in the rip it created. I gazed at him and his smile sparkled under the glowing sun, leaning in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and stood there motionless allowing him to kiss me. I felt the kiss lift my body up to the sky and then... he was gone.
What do I like ?
I absolutely love Netball
I love Performing Arts
Growing Up
MUM :)
Love between friends may change with time. Love between spouses may fade with time. But a mother's love stays strong till the end of time.
Nicole plays an innocent, cute girl in front of others but once she's alone with me, the claws come out. Raa!
Although she can be a royal pain sometimes, she can also be a really good sister.
She can be smart, kind, heroic and funny when she feels like it.
Victoria is very different from Nicole.
She isn't so enthusiastic about learning so she doesn't enjoy it much.
Victoria is a typical girl. She loves shoes, clothes, makeup and doesn't find sports all that interesting unless it is dancing.
The only thing she has in common with Nicole, is hitting me and getting me into trouble.
You would think twins would act the same, but really the twins are basically chalk and cheese.
Victoria has a massive phobia of the dark.
Our holiday started on this ship.
On my second birthday, I received a box. When it was time to open my presents I choose the box first as it looked different. I opened the box and .... I found the cutest little ball of fluff, a white, Maltese Terrier.
Pepe has been with me for 12 years.
It was a stormy evening on Friday the 3rd of November 2000 (precisely 6:10pm).
Lightning had shorted out the lights on the road just outside the hospital. Everything seemed to stop, waiting for this moment. The moment I was born.
At first the dog was meant to be named Polar, as she looked like a polar bear. But my parents could never get me to say Polar and when I tried, I said 'Pepe' so we changed her name to Pepe.
Pepe is my best friend.
She is loyal, energetic and a good listener.
She knows whenever I'm feeling down and would always try to cheer me up by licking me to death.
When I was little, I used to pretend Pepe was a horse and I used to hop on her back. Hihihihi
I used to dress Pepe up as a baby. I took my own clothes and dressed her up in them. I then put her in a pram and rode her around the house.
Things I've learnt along
the way!

After learning to play the keyboard I found that I had a passion for performing arts. I started dancing from the age of 4. Interested in dance after watching all my favourite movies. Seeing the little pixies twirl in their costumes, all in sync with one another. Watching this with wide eyed attention and amazed at how beautiful the dancers looked, I knew I wanted to dance. My parents put me into dance school and there, I was truly content. I have learnt that dance is an expression of emotion through movement and that it is language of the arts.
Sweet sounds of melodious voices, echo through my mind. With singing there was a lot of practice and principles to it, but I agreed to learn these principles. I had to learn pitch, rhythm and tone.
Performing arts has not only taught me about its own principles, but also life long lessons.
Karma is a lifelong skill that everyone will learn because it will eventually bite you back. I have learnt this through books, movies or anything really because everyone has gone through it at some point in their lives.
I have learnt a lot about my Greek culture. I have learnt the language, how to cook the food, how to do Greek dancing and my favourite, Greek mythology. I am proud of my culture and find it so interesting. I know how to make a Greek sweet called 'loukoumades' and I know nearly all the Greek cultural dances.
Live your life to the fullest because you never know when your time will be up!!!
The Perfect Moment

Today's society is like a battlefield. There are people who dare to be different and there are people who make fun of the difference those individuals have.
We are all human beings, yet there are differences in the appearance, colour of the skin, physical ability, opinions and numerous others. These different characteristics make us unique and make the world interesting. Even though some appreciate this striking uniqueness, not all individuals showcase respect and unity towards others. Racism is a one of the most important world issues we have today. Racism doesn't only account for being racist against people of other nationalities or beliefs, but it also accounts for homophobia. No matter what race, belief or culture people are, we are all humans in the end. We all breathe the same air and live in the same world.
One person is enjoying a big bowl of hot chicken soup from a golden plate with a golden spoon, and the other is scavenging through the bins lucky to get an old banana peel. This is our society. The people who have it all are too greedy and stingy to give anything to the ones poorer than they are. Economic inequality affects all of us. It's either because of job sacking, unemployment or low income. All of these things leave us with no or limited money which is jeopardous to our lives. Without money you cannot buy food and water, cannot buy clothes or a house.
A world without these world issues is a world I'd love to live in. Everyone would be treated equal and they would also have the same chance of life due to economic equality. Life will still be interesting and carefree, including peace and harmony.
My family and I went on a 2 week cruise around the Pacific. We travelled to Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
In Fiji we did a lot of sightseeing. When we hopped off the boat, their was a Fijian marching band and soldiers welcoming us. We bought bongos and found out that things that cost $20 in Australia are $3 in Fiji so we made the most of that discovery. On our walk we talked to the native people of Fiji and it turned out that they were really nice. We watched native dances and traditional songs and got our hair braided before hopping back on the cruise boat.
The highlight of our trip is probably Vanuatu. It is a beautiful island with lots of scenery. The best part about going to Vanuatu was that we did our first ever snorkeling. It was awesome. The fish swam right near my face and it felt magical. Vanuatu was also my parents favourite island to visit and this was their 3rd time!
New Caledonia is a lovely island, it was just unfortunate that we visited Noumea which was a poorer side of the island. It was so hot and muggy that day that we were all in singlets while the native people were wearing jumpers and long pants, sitting and sleeping on the streets. The worst thing to happen was that someone had tried to steal my grandmothers hat but my grandfather snatched it off him quick enough.

We also visited the Isle Of Pines which was a beautiful beach. The water went out very far but was still knee deep and the water was crystal clear. The beach had beautiful huts and native people.You could walk around the island as it was so small. (My father did this). Unfortunately another tragic event occured. Half way between our day I got heat stroke YAY (not). I lay under a tree with 10 towels covering me for the rest of the day :( .
I was very affectionate when I was younger!
I used to dress up in my mum's clothes and put makeup on. I also used to be a makeup artist and put makeup on my grandfather and dad.
I used to have tea parties with my toys and sometimes my grandparents and parents would join us.
My favourite shows were Hi5 and Wiggles
I also used to love watching the footy with my dad.
I loved to sing + dance and I used to do it everyday.
And apparently I was a DRAMA QUEEN!
I loved sleeping with my parents
(it started annoying them after the age of 4)
My favourite place I would go to if I was sad, happy, angry was in my backyard with my dog.
I loved McDonalds. Like absolutely LOVED McDonalds!!!
I started going to concerts with my dad from the age of 8 and accidentally slept through my first one.
I've got twin sisters, so double the trouble!
Even though we fight A LOT, they listen to me, help me out and ARE my sisters.
My dad is awesome. Sure he screams at me sometimes but that's only when I deserve it.
I get a lot of my personal traits from my dad like music, sport etc.
My mum is VERY emotional, which is probably why I'm emotional.
She does everything in her power to make sure we are on the right track.
My mum is an excellent cook and gardener. She taught me how to cook and how to do gardening.
My mum is the person I go to whenever I have a problem and she gives really good advice.
I've never really thought much about my future. Only that I will hopefully get a job and have a family. But now that I think about it, there is much more to my future than that. I would love to go to University to study law and then go to NIDA University and study Musical Theatre. I know they are really high expectations but it is a good goal setter and motivator. I would like to have a family of my own. I want to be able to sew my kids' clothes and I still want to play Netball but just as a hobby. I have always wanted to travel the world and I think that when I am older I can achieve that.
Only time will tell.
I am a happy 12 year old girl who lives in Abbotsbury and (as you know) has just started her first year of high school at Bossley Park High. I have a great family and absolutely AMAZING friends who I couldn’t live without. I do dance drama and music either in or outside of school and I love pizza. (Random!) I love reading and I am happy starting high school.
New Friends: Jovana, Priya, Natalie, Gina
Cruel words entwined with blood and fear
Racism is to the heart with a sneer.
Black and white, homosexual or not
Racism seriously has got to stop
No food, no water, no shelter or clothes
No jobs or money, our lives would of just froze.
But if it wasn't for that glimmer of hope
that one day the Economic Crisis will skid down a slope.
Before watching this video there are a few things I would like you to look out for:
When I am singing Christmas carols, try find Nicole. (She is wearing a pink jacket).
In this next photo, look out for Holly.
In this next photo, look to see if you can spot Lynee.
Drama is my favourite thing to do. It expresses emotion and helps grow confidence which is why I started doing this in the first place, but after a few days I realised I loved drama. I have learnt improv, character work, and confidence.
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