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Should Pharmacist Be Allowed to Deny Prescriptions on the Grounds of Conscience?

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Jessica Wilcockson

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Should Pharmacist Be Allowed to Deny Prescriptions on the Grounds of Conscience?

Should Pharmacists Be Allowed to Deny
Prescriptions on Grounds of Conscience? Issue: Pharmacists denying to fill a prescriptions on Grounds of conscience:
A person who objects on grounds of conscience or religious belief to preform a certain act has a considerable amount of rights. To force someone to preform an act against his/her religion would be a violation of their human rights. In which case the person would be protected under U.S. Law.
In which many cases customers can simply seek out an alternate care provider. However in other cases, no alternate is available. Some patients may be unable to access an alternate due to personal limitations such as transportation, insurance coverage, finances, or lack of knowledge about where and how to access alternate care. YES NO Should a pharmacist be allowed to force their own moral beliefs upon you?
If we start making exceptions just how far will that go?
As a pharmacist they have no prior knowledge of your medical history. They can only make assumptions based on a prescription.
It is the job of the pharmacist to give information to clients and not withhold said information.
Have the responsibility to inform the consumer where they can purchase the medication. Doctors and Nurses are allowed to refrain or refuse to a procedures that conflict with their morals. Why shouldn't pharmacist be allowed to refuse prescriptions?
By referring the patient to another pharmacy, the pharmacist will be passively participating in the activity they refused to actively assist. Scenario: A teenager wanting to fill a prescription for Emergency Contraception. Scenario: Instead of Emergency Contraception the prescription in Mifepristone, "the abortion pill." The question is, how do you make sure that that the pharmacist right to refuse is in place while still maintaining the patient is able to get what they desire if it's legally and medically appropriate? By: Jessica, Nathan, Patricia and Tiffany; Group #1 THE END
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