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Nat Evans Romans



on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Nat Evans Romans

Who is closer to a baby? Mother or Father?
How about as a foetus?
Who should make decisions
about the baby?
Mother or Father?
Who do you think children are
closer to, their mother or their father?
Now, let's say we have a couple BUT
they are not married.....GASP

but...seriously, does this change anything?
who do you feel has the greater say
over the future of the foetus?
Now....lets say, a couple get pregnant
and the mother wants to keep the
baby, BUT, the father does not.
Whose opinion do you side with?
Ok, now invert it. A couple is pregnant, mother doesn't want to keep it,
father does. Who do you side with this time?
Now, lets say we are talking about an embryo. Not a baby.
What then?
Would this change any of the answers you have given so far?
So.....unmarried couple....baby is at a very early stage
so 'legally' it is not yet defined as 'human.'
and......it's frozen....
To sum up; not married. Embryo was created artificially,
five years ago. Mother wants it. Father doesn't.
Who do you side with?
the embryo was created
whose DNA is more important?
the male or the female?
Now, the mother and the father disagree over the future,
who do you side with?
1. How long ago did Mr.Johnson and Ms.Evans stop living together?
2. Why is Mr.Johnson acting in this way?
3. What happens in other countries when this situation occurs?
4. In the UK, up to what point can the mother stop the process? And at what point can the man stop the process?
5. Why is this issue complicated?
6. What happens next?

Please find words/phrases in the text with similar meanings to those below;

1. shocked
2. partner….possibly with intention to marry.
3. permission
4. to no longer be a couple.
5. very early form of human life.
6. responsibility.
7. raise.
8. to argue.
9. cost/outgoings
10. be more important.
11. agreement.
12. tense/afraid
13. facing strong disagreement
14. taken back.
15. at a point, as yet undetermined, soon/future.
'If you were asked to decide this issue, who would you support and why?'
Please find words/phrases in the text with similar meanings to those below;
1. To get pregnant
2. After fertilization, the term for when 'it' is put back into the woman
3. Backed out at the last minute
4. study a situation over time
5. made clear (in a legal document)
6. produces
7. 'many babies'
8. waiting
9. religious sub-group of a larger religious group
10. 'will happen'
11. 'appeared' (phrasal verb)
12. hardcore people who believe in Jesus
13. to use your voice to show you are against something
14. legal position
15. argues/believes
16. after wards (4 word phrase)
17. 'saved in this way'
1. Why did the Romans want to have children using IVF?
2. Why did Randy Roman change his mind?
3. Legally, who has ownership of the embryos?
4. Why are so many embryos created?
5. What do some Christian groups want to happen with IVF?
6. Is an embryo 'a human being'?
black and white
cut and dried
open and shut
A married couple want to have children but cannot do so naturally, what could they do?
They opt for IVF, and the fertilization is
successful, now they want to divorce.
What happens to the embryos?
Is IVF cheap?
Is an embryo a human being?
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