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#2b Classic Civilizations (continued)

No description

David Kays

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of #2b Classic Civilizations (continued)

India's classical period
: families of rulers
Maurya Dynasty
: convert to Buddhism during reign; champion of
religious toleration
Han dynasty
*lasted 400 years
Qin Dynasty
#2b Classic Civilizations (continued)
* he wrote laws of India on
tall rock pillars to be
displayed throughout India
Gupta Dynasty

* considered Golden Age with art, lit, math & science advancements
* includes "zero", Sanskrit
writing, Buddhist paintings
* no rise or fall in caste system
status; it provided stability &
structure to society
* lasted only 15 years
* govt. based on Legalism
(humans seen as evil with
need for strong govt.)
Shi Huangdi
: Qin ruler; began
Great Wall to repel Northern
*trade & transportation - Han
grew wealthy from trade with
west by building road network
Civil service
: govt. jobs given to
best scorers in competitive exams
Silk Road
: 4000 mi. route to trade
with west
cultural diffusion
: borrowing best
of another culture
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