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good behavior

No description

Charles Herndon

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of good behavior

good classroom behavior
good classroom behavior is very necessary for a productive day. it is important for everyday but needs to be more persistent when a sub is watching the class.
minding your teacher
paying attention
another example is paying attention in class. if you pay attention, you're learning something and are doing as you're told.
not back talking teachers
if you listen to what the teacher says and you don't backtalk then they know you respect them.
stay in your seat
stay in your seat at all times during class so you won't disrupt anyone
good classroom behavior
there are many ways to have good behavior. one example is minding what the teacher tells you to do. it shows disrespect of you don't and we shouldn't want to be rude. we should be on our absolute best behavior when a sub is watching the class.
cooperate in groups
you need to cooperate well with you fellow classmates. if you don't try to solve your issues outside of the classroom
be prepared to learn
you need to be prepared to learn when you come to class. after all, that is why you're in school
participate in class
participate in class at all times. you need
to be interested and try to learn something.
do your best
do your best at everything you do. doing your best is important and necessary if you want to succeed.
participate in everything that the class does. try to learn
raise your hand for permission to talk. it is disruptive if you don't.
be kind and courteous
to everyone in the classroom including all students and teachers
take care of all of the materials in the classroom. everyone has to use them so be careful
good classroom behavior
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